Here at Nisha Designs, our approach to hospitality is very much inspired by the Japanese practice of Omotenashi. Omotenashi has its roots in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony (Sado). This ceremonial preparation and serving of tea is as much about guests enjoying the hospitality of the host in an atmosphere conducive to calming the mind and self-reflection. In Japan, Omotenashi is all about wholeheartedly looking after guests, offering the best service without the expectation of a reward in return for your actions, and anticipating the needs of guests.

We understand the importance and value of a guest’s stay at a hotel, and through our textiles and designs we aim to provide a sensory and memorable experience for your guests – be it through the softness of fresh cotton sheets on skin or sinking into the comfort of a luxury towel robe after a shower. Just like omotenashi, we constantly consider your guests, as we do you, with every movement and gesture of our textiles and designs even. 

At Nisha Designs we intuitively work with our clients to understand their concept and ideas. We turn these ideas in to a reality by asking the right questions and mindfully choosing the key elements – color, design, form, shape, fiber, craftsmanship – that correspond magickally to our customer’s needs.

From fabrics to fabrication and installation of bedding and window coverings to bed linen, custom rugs, down and feather to towels and robes, Nisha Designs provides all of these services. We work within the USA and internationally. We also source directly from the manufacturer, so our prices are competitive giving you quality and craftsmanship. 

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