Alpaca Wool

Magick and Symbolism of Alpaca

These are the magickal properties that make Alpaca wool fiber special when you use it. It is important to be aware of our sustainable planet earth and all of its wonderful creations of magick that Divine Mother Earth Goddess, GAEA has created so we can live comfortably and magickally. Each creation giving us an awareness of who they are and there purpose in creation. Every creation animate or inanimate beings are a living soul creation of our mother.

Magickal Issues, Intentions & Powers of Alpaca: Action, Adaptability, Balance, Diligence, Duty, Fortitude, Movement, Patience, and Stamina. Alpacas bring good luck and prosperity. They are gentle, calm and curious souls. For Andean families Alpacas are an important income source and so are a pillar of livelihood.


Alpaca fiber is classified as a luxury fiber. It is much more resistant, warmer and softer than sheep’s wool, does not contain lanolin and is available in over 20 natural colors. It is comparable to a high-end cashmere to the touch and is appreciated for its thermal properties, its lightness and its silky touch. It is no coincidence that the fabrics made with this precious natural fiber were once reserved for dressing the Inca emperors.

Alpaca wool is obtained from the hair of the alpaca, a mammal related to camels and native to the Andes in South America. The fleece of alpacas has a wavy and frizzy appearance which favors its use in spinning and weaving. Alpaca fiber is used to create some of the finest fabrics in the world and is highly sought after by fashion houses as well as by artisan spinners and weavers.

Fineness is a very important characteristic of a good quality fleece: the finer the fleece, the softer the feel. Another important characteristic of alpaca wool is the sheen, i.e. the luminosity of the fibre, which can be determined visually. Crimp is also an important variable that relates to the waves or ripples that can be seen in a group of fibers: fibers with little crimp offer no stretch, while fibers with noticeable crimp have good stretch. Stretch is important in the final product, because products with good stretch will hold their shape better.