Sustainability- Way of the Divine

Here at Nisha Designs we offer complete sustainable eco environmental friendly products of textiles made from natural fibers. Our sources and resources our vendors use 100% sustainable fibers from the start to finish in every step of its processes. We believe in our planet earth and that it is our home and so does our vendors. And that we are guests here and being a guest it is my responsibility as a citizen of the planet to take care of it and not bring in or do anything to harm the planet. Be a solution to our planet not a problem. And it starts with me, in my home, my life and that’s how we make a change.

Sustainability is the ability to maintain or support a process over time. To sustain is to support the creator Divine Mother Earth Goddess, Gaea who already has created everything for us to live sustainably and comfortably. She has created keeping in mind our every need, want and desire and with that she has also provided us the knowledge and the know how to use and reuse and recycle.

A sustainable creation, a creation that is able to naturally rebirth itself once its purpose is complete just like phoenix, like our bodies are burned and our ashes go back into the earth. Likewise everything on the planet earth is created so it can decompose, biodegrade and rebirth. Living a sustainable and comfortable life is living a Divine way, life of magick. Having nature created textiles in every part of your home, your building, hotels, restaurants, clothing, carpets, furniture, flooring, cruises creates magick of protection, love, harmony, peace, radiant health of well being and balance. You will feel you are part of oneness and a belonging to the planet.

To create your own new line of sustainable textile products be it fabric, carpet, flooring, mattresses, wallpaper, clothing, bedding, bath. Please email to Nisha Desai at

Hence we have eliminated all business and business practices, ethics and usage of synthetic man made textiles that are violating our planets existence. We no longer support or sell synthetic fibers/ fabrics. Synthetic man made fibers come from fossil fuel petroleum industry. And fossil fuel industry is coming to its end and will no longer be part of this planet because Divine Mother Goddess did not create it and so whatever Mother Earth did not create will be extinct. And if there are no fossil fuel there are no synthetic fibers. Here is the list of all synthetic fibers that are not sustainable.

There is no need for anyone on this planet to create anything new but to use what is already created for us and enhance it. All manmade synthetic fibers that humans call “sustainable” is really not sustainable. They are manmade hence requires lot of chemicals to sustain them hence the use of all those chemicals. And all the codes and certifications that are approved right now are based on protecting humans and not the planet. Does it make sense? No. Why would humans need protection from nature? When it is nature that gives us protection. And so by doing this you are setting the planet up for destruction by using fossil fuel and fracking and mining. All codes and certifications must be approved based on planets safety.

Natural made materials don’t require chemicals they have what it takes to sustain us and if any solvent, is used at the yarn stage and or topically applied our vendors use natural ingredients that give us the same outcome even better to make sure natural made fibers passes the required code needed.

It is important to be aware of our sustainable planet earth and all of its wonderful creations of magick that Divine Mother Earth Goddess, GAEA has created so we can live comfortably and magickally. Each creation giving us an awareness of who they are and there purpose in creation. Every creation animate or inanimate beings are a living soul creation of our mother.

To create your own new line of sustainable textile products be it fabric, carpet, flooring, mattresses, wallpaper, clothing, bedding, bath. Please email to Nisha Desai at