Tencel- Eucalyptus and Modal- Beech Wood

Magick and Symbolism of TencelEucalyptus Tree

Scientific Name: Eucalyptus spp. globulus. Folk Names: Blue Gum Tree, Stringy Bark Tree. Gender: Feminine. Planet: Moon. Element: Water. Magick: Healing, Protection.

The leaves are used to stuff healing poppets and are carried to maintain good health. To relieve colds, ring green candles with the leaves and pods and burn them to the socket, visualizing the person(or yourself) as being completely healthy. Also hung a small branch or twig of eucalyptus over the sick bed. String the immature (green) pods on the green thread and wear to help heal sore throats. Placed beneath the pillow, the pods guard against colds.

TENCEL is a fiber obtained from wood cellulose, thanks to an environmentally friendly chemical process. TENCEL fibers are naturally soft and smooth, and the resulting fabrics create a pleasant, almost calming sensation on the skin. TENCEL fibers are divided into two types: TENCEL – Lyocell fiber, obtained from eucalyptus wood, and TENCEL Modal fiber, obtained from beech wood.

TENCEL fibers are obtained by means of the pioneering REFIBRA technology, which gives rise to a closed-loop process awarded for its efficiency. The use of resources and energy is minimized, achieving a high level of environmental protection and resource conservation. The REFIBRA technology also involves the recycling of a substantial part of cotton waste, coming for example from the production of clothing, which is added to the wood pulp coming from a sustainable and certified forestry. This production process paves the way for the concept of circular economy in the textile industry.

Magick and Symbolism of Beech Wood- Modal Fiber

Scientific Name: Fagus Sylvatica. Folk Names: Bok, Faggio, Faya. Gender: Feminine. Planet: Saturn. Magick:

The goddess tree. Take a stick of beech, scratch or carve your wishes onto it, bury it in the ground and leave it there. Your wish will come true if it is to be. Carry the wood or leaves to increase creative powers. Bury it into the ground to manifest as the wood decays and gets reabsorbed into the Mother Earth. Use a beech branch as a wand to open channels for communication with your higher mind and soul divine God/dess. It will enable you to quickly draw down divine energy into your circle. Carry small pieces of beech bark in your pocket for luck and success.  Place a powder of beech wood in your right shoe to lead you toward your fortune.