Bamboo – Chusquea.

Magick and Symbolism of Bamboo

Scientific Name: Bambusa Vulgaris. Folk Name: Ohe (Hawaiian), Kuaayan- Kiling. Gender: Masculine. Deity: Hinna. Magick: Protection, Luck, Hex- Breaking, Wishes.

Bamboo is used in Divination in chinese temples. Carve your wish on a piece of bamboo and bury in the ground in a secluded place or carve a symbol of protection like a pentagram to protect your home.

Grown or wearing bamboo clothing or having bamboo fabric on your furniture around your home gives its resident good fortune. Placed over the door for luck. The chinese use bamboo as a charm against evil spirits.

Bamboo is a fast growing plant that contains cellulose and like hemp, can be grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or defoliants.

There are several species of bamboo, most of which come from Asia, but there are also some in America, Africa and Oceania.

Bamboo is a plant whose cultivation has a very low environmental impact, it survives only with rainwater, it does not require irrigation. Bamboo crops are appreciated because they emit a large amount of oxygen and a very low amount of carbon dioxide and are harvested approximately every 3 years.

Bamboo textile fiber is obtained from the stem through a process of alkaline hydrolysis and multi-phase bleaching.

The bamboo fiber fabric, thanks to its properties and benefits, is particularly suitable for being in direct contact with the skin. Its ability to absorb moisture and be naturally antibacterial, make it a perfect fabric for all types of clothing, especially underwear.

Thanks to its structure, bamboo makes fabrics and related garments highly breathable, with a very high capacity to absorb humidity which evaporates three times faster than traditional cotton, giving freshness for a long time and removing bad smells.

A garment made with a bamboo fabric is soft on the skin, delicate and is recommended for sensitive skin.

Its use is also recommended for bed linen as it boasts an anti-mite action making it difficult to survive.

In management, the bamboo fabric stands out from others, for the ease of ironing and in the production phase of the collections also in the fastness to dyes, the Bamboo fiber acquires splendid chromatic effects for brightness and intensity.