Sheep Wool

Magick and Symbolism of Wool

Elemental: Earth. Magick of wool: Hope, renewal, spinning, women’s crafts, durability, comfort and warmth.wool is thought of as pure, clean and free of sin. For this reason it was not allowed to mix wool with linen, for it would not be pure anymore.

Wool has always been used for its softness and for its ability to insulate thermally, both against the cold and against the heat. Wool is made up of keratin, a substance similar to that of hair, and has a very high insulating property, also thanks to the air cushions that form between the undulations of its fibres.

Hygroscopicity is another important characteristic of wool, which is capable of absorbing and retaining water molecules up to 30% of its weight, without giving the sensation of wetness. The term flexibility, on the other hand, indicates its natural elasticity which allows it to be subjected to strong stretching and twisting and to fully recover its original shape, thus making it crease-resistant. Wool is also an antistatic fiber, i.e. it does not charge itself with static electricity, and therefore does not attract dust.

A further property of wool that has always seen it as a protagonist in the textile sector is its predisposition to dyeing processes. This is due to the fact that it behaves like a basic material in the presence of acid dyes, and behaves like an acid in the presence of basic dyes.