Magick and Symbolism of Hemp

Scientific Name: Cannibis Sativa. Deity: Bast. Folk Name: Chanvre, Ganeb, Hanf, Weed. Gender: Feminine. Planet: Saturn. Element: Water. Magick: Healing, love, visions, meditation, travel, burial, trance, opening gates and doors, vision, enlightenment, Bast.

Hemp is sacred to the Goddess Bast. A sacred incense of cannabis flowers and cinnamon was burned every morning in honor of the Goddess Bast or Isis. Korean men wore paji ma, hemp pants that they thought brought virility and power. Hemp was and is widely used in Magick. Hemp has long been used in love spells and divination. Hemp was part of many visions and scrying incenses, the smoke of which opened the psychic senses. It is also added to meditation Incenses. Hemp is a versatile plant and is used for almost any product, clothing, contract fabrics. We can make 100% hemp fabrics, hemp blend fabrics.

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The hemp fiber suitable for use in textiles is obtained by mechanically working the fibrous part outside the stem of the plant.
The growth of hemp is rapid and does not require special attention.
It is sown in spring and harvested at the end of summer when it is fully ripe. Once the hemp has been cut and harvested, we proceed with the various processing stages: scotching, combing and refining to obtain the tops or staple, the primary element for spinning.

Structurally, the hemp fiber is hollow and hygroscopic, a perfect combination from which a yarn with a high thermal insulating and breathable capacity is obtained, which behaves like wool: cool in summer and warm in winter. Among the most resistant natural fibers to textile processing, hemp allows for the creation of a fabric resistant to mechanical action, wear, tearing and deformation more than any other natural fabric. Hemp fabrics combine strength with softness, thus allowing you to obtain particularly comfortable and comfortable garments. The fabrics obtained from the hemp plant also have other very interesting properties: they reflect ultraviolet rays, shield from electrostatic fields, do not conduct electricity,

Hemp plantations do not require aggressive treatments with pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. The plant can grow up to 4 metres, has robust roots which induce oxygenation of the soil and is capable of reclaiming polluted soils and enriching them (increasing their productivity) thanks to a strong supply of nitrogen. Hemp is also one of the most efficient plants at converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Hemp is a truly versatile plant and is suitable for use in various sectors. In food, hemp seeds are consumed directly (hulled) or are used to produce highly protein flours and oils with a high nutritional and antioxidant value. In the pharmaceutical environment, essential oils, CBD, ointments and bases for supplements are obtained from hemp. In construction, almost all the waste from other productions is used to make insulating and heat-insulating materials: modern bricks mixed with lime with ancient anti-mould and anti-fungal properties, unbeatable in terms of durability and reliability. In the arts and crafts hemp is used for the production of a unique and inimitable paper, perfect for manual printing, for the use of watercolor and tempera.

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