Planet: Moon, Hathor, Venus, Mercury, Ellegua. Magickal Uses: Prosperity, Nurturing, Protection, Success. You can bathe in all types of milk for ritual purposes. The best time for milk baths is on Mondays or new or full moons.

Milk fiber is a regenerated protein fiber, mainly made up of casein and extracted by removing the fat part of the milk.

To make casein fibers a chemical process is used, the same process used to produce viscose.

The milk fiber thanks to its characteristics is particularly suitable for direct contact with the skin, the intrinsic antibacterial and antifungal properties of the substance always remain efficient in the fabric and yarn obtained from this particular fiber.

Milk fabrics are smooth to the touch and absorb moisture very well as they are hygroscopic in nature like wool and are suitable for the production of underwear and clothing for children and babies.
To obtain different hands and effects, this extraordinary fiber can be used pure or mixed with other fibers; it reacts very well to dyes, guaranteeing solid and brilliant colours.

Although the attention towards this fiber has grown a lot in recent years, thanks to a growing interest in fibers of natural origin, it is actually a fiber born in Italy in 1935, an invention of Antonio Ferretti.

After the moderate initial success, after the war, however, it was rapidly supplanted by synthetic fibers such as Nylon and Polyester, more resistant and with a lower cost.