Seaweed- Seacell

Magick and Symbolism of Seaweed- Seacell

Sea is a source of endless wisdom, healing and magical powers. Old Witches called the Seaweed “Lady’s Tree”. Seaweeds are considered carriers of good luck and abundance. As the sea is vast and full of hidden treasures, common seaweed is believed to be a link between the realm of the Land and the realm of the Sea. Therefore, herbs of the sea are conjuring the spirits that dwell in the deeps. Seaweed is now used instead of plastic. Seaweed has been chosen by Prince William earth shot prize 2022 for the best alternative to plastic. Algae is made into batteries, fuel . A great sustainable resource.

SeaCell ™ fibers are made from seaweed harvested in the Icelandic fjords and processed in Austria by modern fiber production plants at the Lenzing company.
We are therefore talking about a certified and sustainable European fiber from both an ethical and an environmental point of view.
The collection of these algae is certified as sustainable, in fact only the part that is able to regenerate is taken from the underwater plant.
After harvesting, the algae are not treated, thus keeping all the beneficial properties intact. The creation of the fiber takes place through a patented process which incorporates the previously dehydrated and finely pulverized seaweed into a natural cellulose fibre. As a result, the beneficial properties of the seaweed are permanently preserved within the fibre, even after multiple wash cycles.
Being a natural product it is a biodegradable and compostable fiber.

From the sea to the skin

The unique properties of algae help protect our skin from the harmful environmental influences we are exposed to on a daily basis. Algae are rich in essential substances such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and minerals. These substances found in seaweed help activate cell regeneration, which in turn can help reduce skin inflammation.
The skin’s natural moisture level allows for an active exchange of beneficial substances between the seaweed fiber and the epidermis, thus providing a noticeable sense of well-being.

Seaweed fiber is suitable for a wide range of applications, from sportswear to fashion, underwear and home textiles.
It is an extremely versatile fiber that combines easily with any other fiber to create unique yarns and fabrics.
The SeaCell ™ fiber gives a smooth and silky sensation to any fabric and together with the natural beneficial properties, makes every textile project special, satisfying the demands of a new generation of buyers who are increasingly attentive to health and the environment.