Magick and Symbolism of Cashmere Goat

Magick of Cashmere: comfort, warmth, luxury.

Goats were first used as a symbol of fertility, virility, and lust, but then they started to be identified with meanings such as independence, ambition, persistence, and disobedience.

Cashmere or cachemire is a precious textile fiber generated from the hair of Capra hircus, commonly called cashmere goats (Kashmir goats), which are raised in countries such as Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, Turkey and India. However, its name comes from Kashmir, a historical region currently divided between India, Pakistan and China, from where it has been exported to Europe since the beginning of the 19th century. The finest and most valuable cashmere in the world comes from the highlands of Inner Mongolia and is distinguished by the high fineness of the fibers, by the length and uniformity. In outer Mongolia, north of the Gobi desert, there is the production of the “brown” fiber, while in inner Mongolia, in the south, the more precious “white” fiber is produced.

Luxurious fiber par excellence, the hand of cashmere is soft, silky and velvety, it gives a warm and fluffy sensation. The thinnest and finest part is the down of the undercoat and is called duvet, that is the soft and woolly lower layer; the thickest part with stiff and rough hairs comes from the outer coat and is called giarre. To collect it, the coat is manually combed during the moulting season, which takes place in spring. The production averages between 100 and 200 grams of fine hair for each adult animal.

Among the properties that make Cashmere precious are its softness: contact with the skin is in fact soft and delicate, so it cannot cause any kind of discomfort on the skin. This is one of the fundamental points that distinguish pure and original cashmere from any type of imitation. There are still three healthy effects: the ability to maintain a constant temperature, thanks to the thermoregulation property that makes it suitable for both the cold and hot seasons; the second property is hygroscopicity: Cashmere absorbs humidity and is therefore a breathable fabric. Finally, Cashmere is antistatic and does not attract electromagnetic fields, therefore no dust, guaranteeing maximum hygiene conditions.