Magick and Symbolism of Silver

Scientific Name: Latin Argentum. Planet: The Moon. Zodiac sign: Cancer, Aquarius. Tarot card: The Moon. Gender: Feminine. God/Goddess: Any God/dess of the Moon

The symbol Ag derives from the Latin Argentum and Sanskrit Argunas from “bright”.

Silver has long been associated with magic and healing and has a reputation for being able to ward against evil and destroy evil creations. Silver has long been considered a purifying element and has been used to treat any number of illnesses, particularly contagions and wounds. Holy water used for purification purposes is best stored in or distributed from a silver container. The silver will infuse the water with its purifying energy. It will also enhance moon water.

Silver is an excellent material from which to making scrying mirrors and scrying bowls. Wear a piece of silver jewelry, set with moonstone (or not) to bed to aid in dream work and to encourage prophetic dreams.

In a period in which hygiene, safety and well-being are at the center of many discussions, we are happy to talk about Argento’s yarn.
This yarn mixed with other yarns is able to provide or increase the antibacterial performance of all fibers and to make textile projects even more technical and unique.
Silver has been used for centuries to prevent and treat a large number of diseases, especially infectious ones. It is widely documented that silver coins were already used in ancient Greece and Roman times to disinfect stored water, as well as many other liquids.
Even today, NASA uses silver to preserve the purity of water in the Space Shuttle.
Silver is able to naturally eliminate a large spectrum of microbes, acting on the cell wall of microorganisms, helping in the reduction of bad odors caused by some microbes.
In fact, silver has very powerful antibacterial properties: the presence of one part out of 100 million of elemental silver in a solution is sufficient to have an effective antibacterial action.
In addition to the recognized antibacterial properties, silver has the power to facilitate the healing of “sluggish lesions” (difficult to resolve) and regenerate damaged tissue, for this reason it is also used in the medical and pharmacological fields: the demonstration of less inflammatory redness of lesions placed in contact with silver attests to the anti-inflammatory properties of this precious element.
Some technical information
Our yarn comes from Resistex® Silver and is made by combining a layer of about 0.5 microns of 99.9% pure silver (about 20%) with a textile support, through a particular and complex production process .
The silver treated in this way binds irreversibly to the textile surface, to then be joined through further manufacturing processes to natural fibers such as cotton or hemp.