Magick and Symbolism of Lotus

Magick: The plant has a divine origin. The ancient civilizations of Egypt, India and China worshiped the lotus, viewing it as a symbol of a new beginning, cleanliness, sincerity, beauty, tranquility and virtue. Created by love between water, the Sun and the Moon, the lotus is an expression of perfection itself.

It is said that the flower of light can completely change human life and expand our consciousness to many new heights. The lotus is a flower that personifies female gentleness. It helps females get pregnant faster and enables an easier birthing process. The lotus flowers brings positive energy, abundance, successes and luck to the entire family. The lotus clarifies and clears the mind. It helps one make quicker decisions.

The lotus, a sacred flower with an important meaning for both Buddhism and Hinduism, has naturally been adopted in many oriental doctrines such as Yoga. The meaning of the lotus flower is linked to the concept of purity of the soul and body, a symbol of spiritual elevation that derives from the fact that the roots of the lotus flower that while sinking its roots in the mud is able to remain pure and to thrive even in conditions of adversity.The Lotus fiber that we have identified for our next creations comes from distant Asia: it is a cellulosic fiber extracted from the proteins contained in the leaves and seeds and is totally biodegradable.Lotus fiber also has various beneficial properties for the body: it regulates the exchange of moisture between the epidermis and the outside and it is breathable. Contains numerous amino acids and helps to break down free radicals. It has a high concentration of negative oxygen ions, approximately 900/cm2, which are useful for the immune system. From the water the lotus plant comes to life and restores it in protection for the skin.The fiber and fabrics produced to the touch are soft and smooth, suitable for making underwear and sportswear.