Pre-Columbian Custom Pottery

Touch of Magick- Introducing Pre Colombian custom Pottery with Nisha Designs. Bringing the awareness of our sacred tradition, knowledge passed from generations to generations into your homes, hotels, cruises, hospitals, restaurants. Pre Columbian Pottery is a living representation of carrying on traditions that tell us stories and connections with the divine within us and around through the art of pottery. Anytime we bring nature’s sources and resources into our homes, businesses we bring Magick into our lives.

Art: The pre-columbian pottery art is characterized by having been shaped by hand, one by one. In them the pre-columbian people represent their gods, deities, animals, customs, daily activities or human representation. For many of these cultures, the visual arts went beyond physical appearance and served as active extensions of their owners and indices of the divine. As spirituality was very prevalent among pre-columbian cultures, themes of the deities and ritual worship were often the subjects of artwork. Ancient people would praise clay in their daily life.

Clay Magick: Energy matters and who makes it matters. Clay is feminine in nature, a product of earth hence a powerful manifestor and a healer. It is the energy of earth, Mother Goddess. It brings Spiritual abundance and prosperity in one’s lives. It is a perfect material for embracing one’s femininity within. The Goddess residing in the clay will enhance the Goddess within. Mother Goddess symbolizes the cycle of growth. Working with clay can rejuvenate creative energy flow in many areas of life – romantic relationships, career, self-love, success and more.

Clay is a product of Earth, so traditionally we strongly associate it with earth energy and is nourished with all other elements: fire, water, wind and metal.

Design: We can make any design as per your request as you can see our potters are very versatile but pre columbian art is one of the art we specialize in.

Shape and Size: We can design any shape for you. You can send us a picture or a sketch you would like. This is custom so it will be your design, size and shape and we will make it for you.

Minimum: Our minimum is one. If you have a shop and want more of a deal on 50-100 pieces we can do that as well. All depends on what you desire.

Price: Price varies based on your design, shape, size and colors.

Delivery: It take about 2 weeks to make it depending on the size and order it can change. It is shipped from outside USA. Shipping time varies.

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The colors are taken by the way of oxidization and were given the name “curioles” by the Indigenous Tribes. We have 5- 8 natural colors that are also directly taken from the mountains.

Processes and Materials

The Materials used are from our ancestors Earth.

The clay is taken from the mountain and from the mud banks. Later it is dried, pulverized in wooden urns. After it is pulverized it is passed through a sieve to strain out the larger chunks of earth and rock.

Iguana sand is found 3 kms from the town and we must dig in one meter below the top soil. The sand is also strained to take out particulate matter such as fine stones and roots and later added to the clay. This is a millennial art passed from generation to generation.