Magick and Symbolism of Pineapple

Scientific Name: Ananas comosus. Gender: Masculine. Planet: Sun. Element: Fire. Magick: Using Pineapple made fabrics in your home, hotels anywhere brings you luck, Money, Chastity, hospitality, prosperity, courage, confidence. Can strengthen spiritual power, psychic abilities and intuition. They can increase confidence and chance of success. Its energy can strengthen will-power and self-esteem. Dried pineapple is placed in bags and added to baths to draw good luck to the bather. The juice is added as well. Pineapple juice is drunk to hinder lust, and dried peel or flesh is added to money mixtures.

Not much else is known about the pineapple plant of which we all know its sweet and tasty fruit. In fact, the production is mainly concentrated only on the fruit. Immediately after harvesting the “pine cone”, the plant is often disposed of by farmers simply by burning it, but in doing so potential good fibers with which to produce yarns and fabrics are wasted: the pineapple fiber is extracted from the leaves of the plant!

Pineapples are mainly grown in subtropical countries, including the Philippines, Taiwan, Brazil, Hawaii, India, Indonesia and the West Indies. However, traditionally, the production of textile fibers from pineapple leaves should be attributed to the Philippines. During the nineteenth century, the fabric made from the leaves of the sweet fruit was in great demand, not only in the islands of origin, but all over the world. However, when the much cheaper cotton fabrics became popular, its production ceased and the pineapple fiber fabric almost disappeared. Until a few years ago this fiber was almost impossible to find and was still worked only in some rural areas by a handful of elderly weavers who continued to work it part-time not for subsistence but not to lose a centuries-old tradition. for some years,

Pineapple fiber is among the thinnest cellulosic fibers that exist, so much so that we often speak of pineapple silk: from this fiber fabrics are produced with an appearance similar to linen but with a high sheen. Soft and shiny, it is naturally white or ivory. The yarns and fabrics obtained are also light, breathable, resistant and easy to wash.