Organic Cotton

Magick and Symbolism of Organic Cotton

Scientific Name: Gossypium Barbadense. Gender: Feminine. Planet: Moon. Element: Earth. Magick: simplicity, harvest, protection, rain, good luck, healing, fishing magick. If a piece of cotton is placed in a sugar bowl, good luck will follow, as it will if cotton is thrown over the right shoulder at dawn.

Cotton is placed in an aching tooth to stop the pain. Cotton planted or scattered in the yard keeps ghosts away, and cotton balls soaked in vinegar and placed on the windowsills keep evil at bay. Burning cotton causes rain. If you go fishing on a windy day, take twenty cotton seeds with you. Lay them at the edge of water and you shall have at least one bite.

The choice of organic cotton is important both for respect for the environment and for the well-being of the individual. Approximately 30% of the pesticides sold in the world are used for the cultivation of traditional cotton, which are very harmful to our planet and possible sources of allergies for the wearer, given the residues present in the staple. The cultivation of organic cotton reduces gas emissions that alter the climate by 46%, reduces water consumption for irrigation by 91% and primary energy by 62%, without considering the 26% reduction in “production” algae which usually occurs due to excessive enrichment of nutrients in streams and canals.The use of chemical products is not limited to the cultivation phase alone: ​​once transformed into fibre, the cotton is bleached and dyed with substances containing heavy metals and polished. Non-organic cotton therefore contains chemical substances that can cause dermatitis and skin irritation. Organic cotton, on the other hand, is hypo-allergenic and is ideal for people with allergies. Organic cotton is defended from insects by promoting the activity of birds and other insects that are enemies of those weeds, or in any case by using pesticides of natural origin.Traditional cotton is generally harvested by machine to speed up the process. This harvesting method damages the fibers and does not maintain their purity. Hand harvesting, on the other hand, allows for longer fibers to be obtained, without breaking or weakening them, and this means that garments made of organic cotton are softer and more durable.