Our Manufacturing company is capable of taking each customer through the phases of the natural textile supply chain.
We provide spinning services with projects offering the opportunity of realizing exclusive yarns studying natural solutions with the fibers asked by the customer. Each new project begins with samples that only need about 30 to 40 kg of fiber.
We create orthogonal or woven fabrics in Jacquard or Jersey. We provide production and customization services studying with our customer the minimum samples depending on the woven fabrics. We employ our yarns or the ones provided by the customer.
Talking about dyeing process, we do this following the R.E.A.C.H guidelines, and we also use certified G.O.T.S dyes on customer’s request. We also offer sample services starting from 10 mt.

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In our combed spinning for wool we produce high quality yarns using wool or top flakes from vegetal, animal and synthetic fibers if recycled.

We offer spinning services on demand and in case we offer the possibility to mix different fibers to give birth to exclusive yarns.



We offer custom textile productions processing the projects depending on our customer needs and realizing the best solutions for them. The minimal for samples are chosen depending on the fibers and the fabrics chosen by the customer.


In our industrial dyeing headquarter we dye following the R.E.A.C.H guidelines, and we also use G.O.T.S colors on customer’s request.

We dye fabrics, yarns, flakes, and tops.
We provide Dip Lab tests before the final process, and we also offer sample services starting from 10 mt, , 1 kg for yarns and skeins, and 10 kg for tops and flakes.