Bast Hemp Sample Request

Order Hemp Fabric Samples to be Delivered to your Door

Ordering: To purchase a sample set or individual swatches, questions about sampling products, for any technical questions or larger orders please email us at Thank you for your business.

Shipping: Fabric Samples shipped within the US are shipped to you free of charge. No additional shipping fees are required above the purchase price.

International Shipping: For all International Sample request there is an additional $34.95 USD shipping fee for fast UPS Air service, or $27.10 Flat rate Priority Service to Canada. Some countries may vary..

For large quantity orders, we offer Drop Ship Direct to all Global locations. Please specify quantity and delivery points. For quantities of 500 meters or more qualify for FOB pricing. 

Pricing: As a wholesale supplier, we do not post pricing. Please email us for pricing details.

We offer no minimum order. We have an extensive resource list of pattern makers, CAD operators, Cut-and-sew facilities and dye houses in the US for your use.

Stock Collection Full Set- $25

The Full Sample Set includes all weight and weave, Wovens, Upholstery, & All Knits from our stock collection. (105+ swatches) Sample size: 4″x 4″ inches / 10cm x 10cm.

Woven Fabrics Samples- $20.00

70+ fabric sample swatches in this set, Full Woven Collection, 4″x 4″ inches / 10cm x 10 cm (Included if you purchase our Full Set.

Knit Fabrics Samples- $10.00

34 fabric sample swatches included in this set, offering our Full Knit Collection, 4″x 4″ inches / 10cm x 10cm (Included if you purchase our Full Set)

Wing Sample- $3.00

10″x12″ inches / 25.5cm x 30.5cm – Large Wing Sample – Headers & Hooks available upon request.

Individual Swatch- $1.00

4″x 4″ inches / 10cm x 10cm Single Fabric Sample Swatches. Choose one or many depending on your needs. Please feel free to contact us for any fabric questions.

Please email us for more information on sample request at