Royal Suite Linen Collection

Our Royal Suite Collection is timeless and elegant. It’s the attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship that ensure our bed linens are stylish yet functional and durable.

Custom Jacquard, Organic Cotton Sheet

At Nisha Designs we work with cotton, organic cotton, linens, hemp sheets and blends. We can custom design your sheets depending on your choice of solid, jacquards or prints. All of your Fibers are certified and sourced sustainably.

We can custom design your own bedding brand from your own design or we can design it for you. From design to packaging everything you want to do we can do it for you.

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Nisha Designs Bed Linen Collection provides you the offers you an array of bed linen Providing a complete textile solution, Welspun maintains a wide range of products in stock and available for quick delivery from our world-class warehousing facilities. As a manufacturer we monitor everything from concept to delivery. All aspects of production are carefully controlled from the selection of the best raw materials to product design and manufacturing. We work with customers on forecasting and planning and ship through a well-established global network. 

Nisha Designs presents our branded Royal Suite Home Collection. A blend of cotton yarns intricately woven together to create an iconic “N” jacquard design, the textile is stylish and timeless with a contemporary graphic flair.

Designed to represent feminine and masculine energies in perfect balance, the neutral look and feel of the N Home Collection is complementary to any home décor, providing subtle and warm modern accents to a room.

The luxurious textile used to create the N Home Collection is less prone to creasing or wrinkles and with its soft and silky texture, is comfortable and durable – ideal for home and hotel bedding.

Our unique engineered pillow, duvet and sheet designs are constructed using a unique combination of warp and weft yarn counts. Our textiles in this range are designed with durability, with a minimum life of 2 years and a maximum life of 5 years.

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The N Home Collection includes sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers. We can custom design your own unique collection using our unique combination of the fabric and styles. Available in 100% Organic Cotton and Regular Cotton. Colors include white and we can do any color sheets of your choice.

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The iconic “N” jacquard design can be recreated for Hospitality textiles. If you’re interested in this design for your Hospitality range, please email Nisha at for further information.

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