DELIUS- Contract Fabric Collection


We are the sales agent representing DELIUS in USA and Canada. All of our fabrics are Inherent FR. Please have a look over all of our collections and its incredible functions.

*All of our samples and stock fabrics come from Germany.

*We have over million meters of fabric in inventory.

*Once you register with us we will be able to send you your own personal link to check stocks.

*Our prices and invoicing is in Euros. We do cut lengths.

*Specifications- Most of our fabrics now are USA tested and certified as per USA codes and are ready to be downloaded from our website. If in any case they are not we will test them for you provided we have enough meters in order.

*Active Design: We print your design on our beautiful Inherent FR base cloths. Do visit our Active Design and explore our amazing print patterns. For more information about our prices and printing details do email us at

FR- Upholstery Fabrics
The energy-saving curtain
FR- 3D knitwear
FR- Pure Wool- 100%
FR- Outdoor and Indoor
Fabrics that set the tone
FR- New Generation
FR- Mohair Velours-Velvets
Hardwearing Upholstery
Dimout and Blackout
FR- Print your own Design
Flame retardant textiles
FR- Hospital Fabrics
FR- Upholstery Fabrics
Hygienic Comfort Textiles

Samples: Our samples come in A4 cards, memos, hangers as well as theme boxes to look at our full collections. Once the samples are requested they will arrive to you within 4-5 business days. For catalogs and to download our fabric specifications please visit our website at

Showroom: Delius Collection is now available through our local partner in Vegas To represent us in your showroom or become our distributor please connect with Nisha Desai.

For sample request or any other queries please email to Nisha Desai:

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