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Navetta tissue:
95% Precious wool mix
5% other fibers
Unique and unrepeatable, it’s not made from recycled fibers
Weight: 340 gr/m²
Height: 150 cm (+-5%)

minimum 1 metre


This fabric was created with a unique and unrepeatable yarn; generated by the union of the fiber residues collected from the spools at each spinning process for an entire year.
These small quantities of precious fibres, which would otherwise have been pulped, combined together have given rise to a perfect, soft and precious mélange color yarn.
From this yarn the Puccini 20/21 article takes shape, in perfect harmony between the patient collection of fiber residues and the craftsmanship of the spinner, who has been able to give life to an ethical thread of the highest quality, avoiding waste.
The Puccini article should not be confused with yarns obtained from recycled fibers, it is in fact a painstaking work of recovery from precious long fibers mixed together without differentiating their colour.
Puccini 20/21 is made up of 95% fine wool, including cashmere, and 5% mixed fibers, all worked over the period between 20/21 in our factory. It is a vintage product, and we indicate it as we do with wine.
The article is great and we intend to continue; next year, based on the fibers we will process, the Puccini article both in terms of identification and appearance and color will be different and will come back in another nuance.
The fabric obtained is precious with a Biellese hand, i.e. soft and light, perfect for making resistant and elegant jackets, trousers and accessories.