Continuous production 
Dyeing and printing process ready

Made in Italy

Navetta tissue:
100% GOTS Hemp
Peso: 265 gr/m²
Height: 147 cm (+-5%)

minimum 1 meter


Scolari tela is the progenitor of the chain of the same name in 100% hemp which gives rise to all the other weaves of the Scolari loom, which differ from each other due to the different fiber of the yarns used in the weft.

Scolari tela, medium weight, is the simplest weave of the series and comes to life from the union of yarns of the same count both in the weft and in the warp: a fabric with a simple appearance, but ennobled by the textile processes that give it a really pleasant albeit structured, compact and resistant.

It is a historic and ongoing article, perfect for making clothing for all seasons, from heavy shirts to be used in cold weather under a jacket or a wool pullover to summer garments such as trousers, Bermuda shorts, skirts, dresses and light suits.

In the accessory pack it finds a good use for lining or covering; for the home, Scolari Tela will be able to give, thanks to its brightness and originality, particular character to table linen (tablecloths and placemats), but also to curtains or pillowcases.


The price of ready-to-dye and printed fabrics automatically scales according to the following quantities:

from 1 to 10 meters
from 11 to 30 meters
from 31 to 100 meters

For orders longer than 100 metres, it is possible to request a quote 


The color tone of natural fabrics may vary depending on the lot.
The quality of the device used can alter the photographic preview of each article.
Before cutting and sewing, it is strongly recommended to wet the fabrics to avoid shrinkage after washing the finished garment.

Washing Tips


We performs dyeing and sampling services. The first color bath useful for sampling allows 10-34 m of fabric to be dyed.

Each color bath can take place, according to the customer’s choice, in compliance with the REACH or GOTS specifications

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