The Element Air


The Elemental Air: Air is considered the Divine breadth. It brings vigor and clarity to ones mental thought process. They are the part of the creative force of the air. And it is there work that results in the tiniest of breezes to the mightiest tornadoes. Air is a source of life energy. Air spirits are called Sylph. Sylphs work for the creation of air and the atmosphere and the proper currants through the earth. Some may work with Sylphs to alleviate pain, others may work to stimulate inspiration and creativity. People with strong activity with Sylph, air make an overactive mind. It can paralyze your will, sexuality. They represent and stimulate different expressions of creating. Much work and care should be taken to not allow these expressions to become too extreme. These warm, gentle colors of the clouds will help you stay connected and develop a personal connection to your air spirit.

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