Japanese Farmers Plant Specific Strains Of Rice To Grow Colorfully Illustrated Fields- Nisha Designs

These Japanese rice farmers aren’t afraid of stirring up a little controversy in their village. Each year farmers in Japan plant specific strains of rice to colorfully illustrate iconic individuals from all parts of the world.

They’ve turned Inakadate in Aomori Prefecture into a yearly tourist destination for those who’d like to see what illustrations are drumming up appreciation and dismay. One of their more talked about illustrations was that of the Mona Lisa. Some thought the rice fields should only be dedicated to figures relative to Japanese culture but farmers chose variety instead.

Among their installations is one of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous paintings, Napolean Bonaparte, Marilyn Monroe, Star Wars, and Gone with the Wind. This form of art is known as Tanbo art and serves as a second term for Japanese rice field. The tiny village has made a name for itself for its rice-party art as being the only one on the planet to exhibit this sort of artwork.

Source: https://canyouactually.com/japanese-rice-fields/

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