Sustainability Awareness- Synthetic Fibers- Nisha Designs

All these are manmade Synthetic Fibers made from petroleum through fracking, mining, fossil fuels practices that are harming our environment. When you wear these materials on you, buy them and have them in your home, hotel, restaurants, office, food packaging, bottles, clothing, on your furniture, drapery, cushions, bed you sleep on etc you are literally breathing toxic chemicals. And the thing is when anything is manmade requires a lot of chemicals to sustain it because it was acquired by harming the planet that which should not have been allowed to be use or manufactured. Natural fabric made from plant, resin, tree sustain themselves and are biodegradlable. Why do we need to dig into earth when everything is provided for us on the surface? Why?

This planet was created with everything we needed to live and support ourselves. This planet universe is created by The Magickal Queen with her magick and purpose. Humans did not create this planet or the universe. And so all of our sources and resources we have are created for us already to sustain us, give us a healthy radiant lifestyle. There is nothing to recreate but enhance what is already created for us. Because it is manmade and it has been aquired falsely without asking mother earth’s permission it was created with the intention of greed, negative energy that brings in your home and life, in your relationships, finances, your mind creates mental issues etc. Natural fabrics are created of magick, purpose, happiness, love, abundance and more to live comfortabley without struggle and enjoy the resources of gaea. Use natural made products from start to finish. Be aware of what you buy and look at how it is made. Choose natural fabrics.

HEMP FLOORING- Nisha Designs

Great addition to the regular flooring we already have. To know more about Hemp Flooring. Please click here. Order your samples and we will return your sample charge once you place the order with us.


Gorgeous fabric made in Italy.

Navetta tissue:
100% GOTS Hemp
Weight: 130 gr/m²
Height: 155 cm (+-5%)


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minimum 1 meter


The Verdi Canvas is a woven fabric in 100% Hemp with a 130gr/m2 weight.2

It’s a historic fabric and it’s perfect to realize shirts that thanks to their look and softness are appreciated from the whole family.

It’s one of a kind, the Verdi Canvas is perfect to create items during all the year, from the underwear and pajamas to unisex shirts. During the summer it is not only perfect for shirts, but also for foulards, sarongs, and fresh accessories in general for both day and night.

Thanks to his weight and his hand, which is really soft and wrapping, the Canvas is perfect in a 155 cm height to create baby cot’s and small beds linens.

We highly recommend the use of the Hemp since the first days of our children. This is because of the antibacterial feature from the Hemp fiber, which is also perfect on newborn skins, and gives a micro massage on their skin. These features will guarantee each baby a great comfort during their sleep, a sensation that cotton cannot reach.

Thanks to his transparency and lightness, the Verdi can also be used for nice home decors.

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Introducing Our Hemp Sheets, Towels and Robes Collection for Home and Hospitality- Nisha Designs

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Athena Collection

Our Athena Collection offers a wide range of fiber blends. Our artisan manufacturers are capable of creating yarns and fabrics from natural fibers, customizing them for each business need. They work with commitment and passion in pursuit of research and continuous improvement of quality. We personally follow every phase of the production process, from the creation of the yarn to weaving and dyeing, to offer our customers a product that reflects our philosophy and their needs. Click here to see our Collections

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Ostara Blessings- What The Wheel of the Seasons Taught Me- Nisha Designs

One of the ways I recognize the wheel of the season in my own life is that is has taught me how to celebrate me, who I am on the inside. The Soul. For a long time my life was about celebrating ‘others, there needs, wants, desires, there lives completely forgetting who I am on the inside and ignoring my own life and purpose of my existence. Because living for others is definitely not how one should be living there gift of LIFE. The gift is given to you by you being born on this planet and you are the person to live your own gift.

And as time passed every part of my life became about ‘others’. The choices I made were based on what others believe about me, my life and changes I made were based on what others think I should change not do or not than what the soul my trueself desired to change and do. As I started to question everything, seek the soul, let go of everything, every person related or connected to me that does not belong to me the soul in every aspect of my life. I started to celebrate the wheel of the season because it belonged to me not because ‘others did it’. It belonged to me and that what mattered. Its been 6 years since celebrating the wheel of the season. I didnt understand it at first but I kept on celebrating the wheels every year and I can finally say today I am just beginning to understand the importance of wheel of the season in my own life and I can see now how it helped me. It gave me knowledge, wisdom, push, support, love, understanding, caring, backed me physically, spiritually, financially, materially, energetically, psychically, mentally and emotionally as I was transforming and transitioning to being my trueself and into the blueprint to the life my soul designed for me which I wavered from. It held a sacred space for me is how special it is. It was bringing me back to my true path, life and soul purpose that which I had asked for which is to be my tureself. That was my only prayer year after year. And today the day of ostara I can say there is still work to do but I have arrived. I was presented with an opportunity to choose what path am I wanting. It was about do I want to stay in my past or do I want to choose my present. The present is who I am my trueself the soul. It was in my dream early hours of dawn that the choice was presented and I chose me, my true path. And I woke up with the awareness of renewal, change, rebirth, breakthrough from a life lesson that was holding me down, limiting me to my own potential. That I finally am ready for new beginnings, fertility, renewal in all aspects of my life. This is just the beginning of celebrating myself into becoming my trueself.

We grow with the wheel. Wheels of the year shows us our own growth, potential, progress, accomplishment or lessons we learn or we didnt and we still need to learn. The beauty about celebrating the wheel, doing the ritual is that every wheel presents us with an opportunity to change, learn, grow, live the life we desire, choose differently to become our trueself. It provides us a spiritual and magickal understanding and solution to bring about the change we want, need, desire.

Great time to look at what you choosing, who you choosing and why because we are the creator of our life. And the wheels of the season brings us, guides us and grants us our prayers where we need to be if we pay attention to the the wheels of the season in our own lives. We are here to celebrate living the beauty of life to our utmist potential and walking the path of heart and soul.

Ostara or otherwise spring equinox is the time of renewal, new beginnings, fertility and rebirth. Sowing seeds of love and goodness. Ostara Blessings to all.

Magick and Symbolism of Alpaca Wool- Nisha Designs

These are the magickal properties that make Alpaca wool fiber special when you use it. It is important to be aware of our sustainable planet earth and all of its wonderful creations of magick that Divine Mother Earth Goddess, GAEA has created so we can live comfortably and magickally. Each creation giving us an awareness of who they are and there purpose in creation. Every creation animate or inanimate beings are a living soul creation of our mother’s magick.

Magickal Issues, Intentions & Powers of Alpaca: Action, Adaptability, Balance, Diligence, Duty, Fortitude, Movement, Patience, and Stamina. Alpacas bring good luck and prosperity. They are gentle, calm and curious souls. For Andean families Alpacas are an important income source and so are a pillar of livelihood.

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