Weekly Reflections: July 12 – July 18, 2021- Divination: Geomancy- Claudia Draconis and Laetitia- Nishante Divinelove

“Seek Earth and heaven shall be added unto you”- Francis Bendick The art of geomancy is a recognition of the earth as a living intelligence capable …

Weekly Reflections: July 12 – July 18, 2021- Divination: Geomancy- Claudia Draconis and Laetitia

Ravenhawks Ritual Boxes for Lughnasadh/Lammas- Wheel of the Year- Mother Nature Celebrations

Ravenhawks has begun taking orders for its Lughnasadh Ritual Boxes. We will take orders until July 19th. Looking forward to sharing Lughnasadh magick…

Ravenhawks Ritual Boxes for Lughnasadh/Lammas


The energy of daisy invites us to reflect upon being your trueself, soul self. It is not hard to be yourself, your true self, soul self. Matter of fact this is what we want to be all the while and so then why aren’t we able to maintain being our true self and making it our way of being, way of life? What makes it hard is one’s holding onto one’s self judgment, outdated habits and patterns that one has learned and acquired from culture, religion, outside influences, limited belief systems, one’s inability to accept, acknowledge and face one’s fears of what one has believed about oneself, the choices you have made good, bad or indifferent and the actions you took to validate your ego self. Daisy is here to help and assist you with softening up that rigidity you have build around you about yourself that you don’t want to look at. Reflect upon those walls. Bring a pot of daisies or a stem of daisy and meditate and ask it to show you how to self accept you so you can let go of this rigidity. Because underneath this wall is your true self, your soul the unique, the giving, the compassionate, the beautiful soul. The energy is available for you to let go and come into self acceptance and embrace the true you. It’s okay if you don’t know you. Accept and begin the journey of knowing you in the now. With the help of Daisy allow this opening of your heart and experience being you. The time is NOW. See you through the eyes of your own soul.

Affirmation: I am now in complete self acceptance of my true self.

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Poem: Living Life With Heart & Soul — Medeacine — Life & Soul Magazine

Bring on the words of power,Affirm your truth and raise your vibrations,Let go of the stuff that turns life sour,Wave your hands in the air, sun salutations. Happiness is right there, within you,Can’t be found outside you, truth be told,Step back from the madness, and take a pew,Then stand your ground, no less than bold. […] […]

Poem: Living Life With Heart & Soul — Medeacine — Life & Soul Magazine

Bioworkz: Artist uses mandalas and sacred geometry to tell the stories of animals he draws- Life and Soul Magazine

Some people meditate and for artist Ben Kwok, he draws. The Southern California based graphic artist and illustrator, known as Bioworkz, creates …

Bioworkz: Artist uses mandalas and sacred geometry to tell the stories of animals he draws

Weekly Reflections -6/20/21-6/26/21- Divination- Seed- Nishante Divinelove

Affirm: I am one with the spiritual world of my true self. 

This week the energy invites us to reflect on the Seed. The soul of the seed. A seed is brought to life by its soul and the soul of the seed here is Gaea, Mother Earth. Without the soul, without Mother Earth the physical form which is the seed has no value until the soul breathes and gives life to its physical form, the seed. You the physical form has no value until your soul gives you the seed the life that your soul has designed for you. You are the seed of your soul. In order for you to thrive, to grow, to know how to live, what is best for you, your purpose as the seed of your soul one must connect with the soul isn’t it? If the seed starts to look at other seeds and wants to grow how other seeds are growing and not how it soul wants the seed to grow what do you think will happen? The seed will struggle, the seed will grow painfully because it focused on other seeds than its own. Without your own souls awareness, knowledge, breadth one cannot grow and know there true self. Every seed has its own purpose to serve and to know its purpose that seed must look to his/ her own soul not to anyone else or anything outside of its soul. If GAEA is the soul of a seed then Gaea knows what that seed is capable of doing, what is best for that seed. Does the seeds best interest, purpose is to become a tree, flower, blade of grass what is the seed’s purpose is what soul decides not the physical form. So your soul already has decided and knows what the seed, you is all about. From the birth of the seed, you till your life’s end your soul has designed her/his seed’d life already. No one outside of me can know that because they are not my soul, not my source of knowledge, information not my path. Be the seed of your soul and watch the magick. Magick comes from being one with our true self, one with our spiritual world. 

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Litha/ Midsummer/Summer Solstice 2021- Wheel of the Year Myths and Tales- Nishante Divinelove

Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/1Vskl8dN5SAl2xk1aIEZ9a Once upon a time, there was great sorrow among the fairy folk. Something had happened …

Litha/ Midsummer/Summer Solstice 2021- Wheel of the Year Myths and Tales- The Return of the Sun King by Christine Natale

Weekly Reflections: 06/14/21 – 06/20/21 Ace of Cups- Nishante Divinelove

The energy of this week invites us to really take a look at your inner world. The world that is inside of you. Yes you do have an inside world if in …

Weekly Reflections: 06/14/21 – 06/20/21 Ace of Cups

Not So Black & White- Rocky Mountain PBS- Nisha Designs

“Release,” by Daniel Sprick

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — A new exhibit at Englewood’s Bleue Tile Gallery & Art Space is seeking to explore the nuance of such a divided world.

The exhibit, titled “Not So Black & White,” displays the work of 11 artists in several mediums: sculpture, photography, painting, and videography.

Curators say the “limited, high-contrast palette allows for an increased focus on form and spatial relationships intensifying what happens when artists cast aside the color spectrum and focus on the visual power of black, white and everything in between.

Not So Black & White

Courtney Cotton, the gallery’s director, said “things aren’t black and white. There’s a beautiful space in between. We can shift, and we don’t have to have fear.”

She hopes the exhibit leads to “more oneness, more compassion and understanding.”

One of the artists showing work at the exhibit is Daniel Sprick. His painting, which shows a white bird on a dark background, depicts what he calls “death anxiety,” a theme that has been a constant in his career but has taken on greater meaning in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A painting by Allie Gerrish at the Bleue Tile Gallery & Art Space

“Most of all what I want people to receive from all of my work in general is…a sense of well-being,” he explained.

Alli Gerrish, an artist from Boulder, said “I’ve pretty much been painting and sketching my way through my life, my entire life.” Her abstracts paintings are on display at Bleue Tile Gallery & Art Space.

Besides introducing people to new artists, Cotton has some grander goals for the Not So Black and White exhibit, which opens May 14 at 6 p.m. and runs through June 18.

“I’d like to see more oneness, more compassion and understanding,” Cotton explained. “Things aren’t black and white. There’s a beautiful space in between. We can shift, and we don’t have to have fear.”

“I’m hoping COVID helps us come together, relinquish some fear that we have, and break down some old systems—older educational systems, older black and white systems,” she continued. “And that we find beauty in the gray. We find beauty amidst the uncertainty.”

Julio Sandoval is a multimedia journalist at Rocky Mountain PBS. You can reach him at juliosandoval@rmpbs.org.

Source: https://www.rmpbs.org/blogs/rocky-mountain-pbs/a-monochrome-art-exhibit-asks-viewers-to-explore-the-gray-areas/?fbclid=IwAR2fLNHfECGC8raCgTLCH6mBShAqJmQjSpu8mng5fIPCykE7JJSzLbPxNYw