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If you’re looking for something to do, or feel like your life needs a slight change, then rearranging or giving your bedroom a little facelift is always definitely what you should do. But, you don’t want to spend tons of money or even take tones of time. I mean, you want to enjoy your updated… via…

Easy and Inexpensive Ways To Give Your Bedroom A Makeover — Society19 — Wyndesong Collectibles

Suiseki, the Art of Stone Appreciation-Nisha Designs

©Karelj, Wikipedia

Suiseki, which literally translates as ‘water stone’, is an ancient Japanese art of admiring stones. An ode to time, patience and simplicity, suiseki involves showcasing the most remarkable stones found in nature and upon which water, erosion, wind and time have acted to sculpt abstract or, depending on the imagination more meaningful shapes, such as a mountain or animal. The beauty of a suiseki therefore lies in its ability to suggest an aspect of nature.

Originating from China, where it is known as gongshi, and Korea, where it is termed Suseok, the art of suiseki was introduced to Japan by the Chinese Imperial Court during the Asuka period (538 or 552-710 AD), and was only discovered in the western world during the first bonsai exhibitions, where the stones were also presented. Like the rigorous codes of bonsai, suiseki also has its own rules, linked to the quality of colours and the powers of suggestion and balance. Stones in multiple colours are the most appreciated, but placing them in light or shadow also allows a more precise aspect to be showcased, while also reflecting their harmonious balance and translating their original beauty. Enhanced naturally, the stone is simply placed on a wooden stand or, like in times past, presented in a bowl filled with a layer or water or sand. A wooden stand, or dai/daiza, is the most frequently used option, and is generally made from a type of refined wood such as rosewood, in order to support the stone and, more importantly, showcase it.

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For real suiseki aficionados, the most difficult thing is to find the stone that provides complete satisfaction from the moment of its discovery. Once the rare pearl is unearthed, the whole stone becomes conducive to contemplation of and reflection on the place of humans in their environment. As Matsuura Arishige, global ambassador of the art of suiseki, explains so well, ‘a good suiseki has the power to represent to humans, in just a few centimetres, the whole of Earth and the cosmos’.

©manuel m. v.
©manuel m. v.

Via: https://pen-online.com/arts/suiseki-the-art-of-stone-appreciation/

Mindful Living: Adapting Your Lifestyle In Times of Change or Crisis — — ravenhawks’ magazine

Change is happening all around us – the coronavirus pandemic and climate change being two most prominent examples of that right now. Lockdowns worldwide are thrusting changes upon everyone’s lifestyle, which in all honesty is a force for positive change in everyone’s lives. Navigating our lives during these “crises” or changes can be managed by […]

Mindful Living: Adapting Your Lifestyle In Times of Change or Crisis — — ravenhawks’ magazine

Prestige Care Concept furnishing fabrics- Nisha Designs

Antibacterial fabrics & Fabrics suitable for hygienic washing

These furnishing fabrics are perfectly suited to the high requirements of the health care sector, both in quality and in function. They are hygienically washable at 72°C They are permanently flame retardant. They offer typical colour concepts for a hospital they are easy-care, crease-resistant and stable they protect against sunlight and offer privacy they offer a great selection of qualities and colours.

more about Prestige Care Concept

DELICARE – anti-microbial furnishing fabrics prevents the growth of bacteria (hospital bugs, staphylococcus aureus which cause MRSA)reduce odours caused by microbes are conducive to a better hygienic standard in rooms are suitable for industrial washing have a long lasting wash resistance conserve energy due to longer washing intervals and a lower washing temperature are certified by the Fraunhofer Institute Are JIS 1902 certified.

Do you require samples or do you wish to be  contacted personally? Then send an e-mail to nisha@nishadesigns.com or call  +1 702 622 8321.

Miracle- Nishante- Nisha Designs

Miracle: how you choose to look? If you see and believe in miracle is sure is miracle. If you see problems then sure will be problems. If you see fear then sure there will be fear. Think of all of your emotions as people. Would you allow the person name problem to enter your home? Would you allow the person named fear to come inside your home? I am hoping not. So why would you let any of these beings/ people/ energy live inside of you? Who do you want to allow in your home/ your sacred body is always your choice. There is always order/ miracle amidst of chaos. It’s how you choose to look at it, how you choose to believe it. This is the unknown right here today that we have come face to face. That you have to trust. Matter of fact you have no choice but to trust now isn’t it? Which is a Miracle in itself. Don’t you think? Nothing could get you to this place but self quarantine? Unknown will take care of you if you are choosing to do the right thing. Walking your truth. You have to believe in it first then you will see the miracle not the other way around. So many of you fear unknown? It’s funny isn’t it now that you have no where to go but have faith and trust in the unknown. No where to go but deal with your own self? Your own way of being while you are under quarantine? I am sure the thoughts inside of you don’t let you rest, relax be at peace isn’t it? Constant chatter? Moving? Don’t know what to do with yourself and how to be yourself? Hmm. Yes this is where self work, meditation comes in. Discipline comes in, spiritual studies come in. Working on yourself, meditation all these are tools given to us to show us how to live. But we chose to become so busy with stuff and life and being self centered and pointing fingers at others, that I am right and you are wrong and about money and racism that looking inside and taking responsibility of our own stuff was never a priority? That we took no time to stop, listen, breathe?🙈Now that you are quarantined who is truly going to help you here? There is no one outside of you to help you trust? Help you relax? Help you rest? Is there? It all comes from within and when you are so disconnected within you there is nothing that can help you but you. This virus does not see where you from? What your color, race, religion is? Miracle isn’t it? How Goddess Mother Nature knows how to stop the madness that was happening? Miracle a state and a way of living and being. It’s never too late to go within and learn to be one with yourself.

Spiritual First Aid Kit- Nishante- Nisha Designs

SPIRITUAL FIRST AID KIT- A lifestyle kit. What you can do at home to raise the psi vibration of your home and continuously cleanse your space from negativity. Even though you are not meeting anyone or seeing anyone your inner negative and energy of everyone, social media can still affect you physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and psychically does not matter if you have people in your space or not. Keeping your home clean of this energy is a must.

Clear, protect, shield: if you don’t know how to do this message me and we can work out a minimal cost and customize your clearing, shielding, protecting for you, your home, work, kids, business, everything and everyone.

Meditate: if you don’t have a practice or want some guidance message me and we can work something out and teach you some simple ways to get you started or what you need to focus and how to feel your energy and up your game to get you, your body to a calm relaxed space.

Stretch, Quigong, Yoga, Tai Chi: There are online YouTube videos where you can do your yoga, tai chi whatever you do it’s all available online.

Mantras : listen and put on ‘Om Mani Padme Om”- you will find it on YouTube for 10 hours. Put it on continuously. It will clean all negative energies in your space.

Incense: Always have and continuously burn Sage, Dragons Blood, myrrh, patchouli, sandalwood, camphor in your home at all times.

Crystals: Have crystals in your home to protect and raise the psi vibration of your space.

Herbs, Essential Oils, Candles: Your herbs you use to make your food have magickal properties. Message me how to work with them magickally.

Color Therapy: Wear colors that lift your energy. Drink colored water. To know more message me.

Read, watch stories that are comic, light hearted. Excersice your imagination, visualize, affirm, think, speak good positivity words and thoughts from your heart. Practice being real, honest with yourself and others, speak your truth without fear.

Whatever you do do it from your heart always❤️or don’t do it.

Spiritual Resources: https://www.crystal-dawn.net; https://crystal-dawn.com; https://ravenhawksmagazine.net;

Queries: Nisha Desai at Contact@nishante.com

Quebec-based Hintercabin connecting guests with nature and minimalism and gifting the planet 10 trees planted with every booking

Hintercabin, a Scandinavian-inspired lakefront cabin in Quebec, is enabling guests to connect with nature and minimalism while also helping to save the planet, given that for every booking made at the sustainable cabin, the company plant 10 trees.

The cabin, which is located in La Conception, was created with simplicity or “hygge” in mind, encouraging living simply and minimally. A modular design, with bare wooden floors and a neutral colour scheme, it is sparsely furnished but simultaneously offers everything needed for a comfortable stay.

Hinter, who designed the sustainable cabin, said the minimalist cabin is their “take on what a hotel ‘room’ should be. The floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap around the house invite nature in as much as it serves as an “open window” for guests to connect with nature.

A 15-minute drive from the well-known ski resort of Mont-Tremblant, Hintercabin’s remote location is close to many nature parks and trails. The cabin, which sleeps up to four people, also features a private dock and access to the lake, as well as a canoe available mid-spring to mid-fall.

Hinter, who describe their purpose as the creation of “spaces where design, architecture, and nature become one”, also sell minimalist-style interior and furniture products via their website, all created with simplicity and sustainability in mind using sustainable wood. As with every booking made at Hintercabin, Hinter also plant 10 trees for every interior product it sells via its website.

Hinter say: “While your wellness is a high priority, we recognise that our planet needs help. Neutrality is not enough. We want to set a new norm on sustainability by giving more than what we take. Companies should be giving more than they take. That in mind, we plant 10 trees for every booking, for every object sold and we work only with companies that have the environment as their number one priority. We seek like-minded companies that share our beliefs so we can run eco-friendly spaces with sustainably-made products.”

In addition to Hintercabin, Hinter’s roster of spaces also includes Hinterhouse. Inspired by cabins in the Norwegian mountains and using Japanese design cues and minimalism philosophy, Hinterhouse is made of 60% glass to ensure that whether guests are outside in the woods or taking comfort inside, they remain close to nature.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at Rosamedea.com

Amazing African American Women Of The 21st Century — Society19 — ravenhawks’ magazine

African American Women have been on the rise in recent years. They have been reaching high and receiving considerable coverage on many important issues and movements. These are just a few of the amazing African American women of the 21st century that have made a name for themselves and served as a source of inspiration… via […]

Amazing African American Women Of The 21st Century — Society19 — ravenhawks’ magazine

Bringing back mangroves: Scientists in Mexico restore degraded ecosystems — — ravenhawks’ magazine

Bringing back mangroves: Scientists in Mexico restore degraded ecosystems https://ift.tt/3clRBkS Latin America – “What was this area like three years ago?” I asked researcher Jorge Herrera as we dipped our feet into the warm waters swirling around the trunks of a stand of mangrove saplings in Ciénaga del Progreso, a 40 minute drive from the […] […]

Bringing back mangroves: Scientists in Mexico restore degraded ecosystems — — ravenhawks’ magazine

International Women’s Day 2020- celebrating women in art and design- Nisha Designs

To mark International Women’s Day 2020, we’re celebrating seven female designers, artists and creative heroes changing the way we think about the world through their use of visual media.

There’s no shortage of inspirational women in the fields of illustration, graphic design and art, although sometimes they’re under-represented. In line with International Women’s Day, we’re showcasing some of the women who have helped to redefine female roles, shape how we see things and pave the way for female designers of the future. Yayoi Kusama Infinitely Mirrored Room exhibition at Tate

Yayoi Kusama ‘Infinitely Mirrored Room’ – Exhibition at Tate. Credit: Tate

1. Yayoi Kusama

Specialism: installations, sculpture, painting (and many more)

Career highlights: After training as an artist in Japan, Yayoi Kusama moved to New York and became part of the avant-garde and pop-art scenes in the 1960s. There she made waves with a before-its-time flashmob featuring naked people painted with polka dots. The dots are an all-consuming theme in her work. She is also known for ‘infinity installations’ which use mirrors to create a perception of never-ending colored spaces. 

Why we love her: Yayoi Kusama is fearless, prolific, bold and brave, never afraid to challenge norms either in her native Japan or in the more permissive culture of the USA. She is also a powerful example of someone working and living with mental health issues. Her style is linked to visual and auditory hallucinations and she uses art as a means to express and understand her experiences. a portrait of Paula Scher female graphic designer, standing in front of her map design work

Paula Scher. Credit: John Madere

2. Paula Scher

Specialism: Graphic design

Career highlights: After starting out in children’s publishing and designing album covers, Paula Scher became the first female principal at design consultancy Pentagram in 1991. She is responsible for iconic branding and visual identity work for companies like Microsoft, Coca-Cola and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which reflect her love for typography and its potential for expression. She is now a lecturer and educator in graphic design.

Why we love her: Paula Scher is one of the most influential designers of any gender. As well as producing an impressive body of commercial and fine art, she is committed to educating and paving the way for the next wave of creative talent and setting a shining example of what can be achieved for female illustrators and designers. Jessica Walsh female graphic designer in red standing proud against a red background for a photoshoot

Jessica Walsh. Credit: Dezeen.com

3. Jessica Walsh

Specialism: graphic design, art direction

Career highlights: Jessica Walsh is already a titanic talent in the graphic design world despite being not yet 35. After studying graphic design she interned at design consultancy Pentagram under Paula Scher, and honed her illustration style working for Print Magazine. Teaming up with Stefan Sagmeister, she became principal partner at Sagmeister & Walsh in 2012, before founding her own agency &Walsh in 2019.

Why we love her: Jessica Walsh’s work blends the craft of design with a strong cultural thread that comments astutely on the world we live in. Projects like ‘40 days of dating’, for example, play with expectations of modern romance while showcasing talented illustrators. We especially love Jessica’s initiative ‘Ladies Wine & Design” which encourages women in design to collaborate rather than compete.Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley. Credit: Telegraph

4. Bridget Riley

Specialism: Painting

Career highlights: Bridget Riley is one of the best-known practitioners of op-art – works which expand and manipulate the limits of optical perception. Trained as an artist, she graduated from a career as an educator to a full-time artistic practice beginning in the mid 1960s. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and she has won numerous awards for her visionary use of color, light and line.

Why we love her: Hypnotic, precise, pure and vivid, Riley’s work speaks for itself. As well as bending the brains and eyeballs of innumerable viewers, Riley has made an impact by carving out a space for art in her native London. She founded the SPACE artists collective which has been running since the 1960s, and was influential in creating the Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery by fending off government plans to sell off the land where it now stands. Laetitia Ky

Laetitia Ky. @laetitiaky

5. Laetitia Ky

Specialism: Human hair

Career highlights: Ky hails from the Ivory Coast, and via Instagram has quickly become world-renowned for her playful yet political use of her hair as a sculpting medium. Ky uses a system of wires, wool and weave to turn her dreadlocks into images that augment, reflect or comment on the world around her.  

Why we love her: Laetitia Ky is a fresh voice with a completely original approach to visual art and design. She uses her platform to comment on issues that matter to her including inclusivity and gender, with a special focus on uplifting other women. She recently launched her own clothing line and has signed a 2-year contract as part of the Elite Models World Digital Creator Award.Margaret Calvert iconic female designer being photographed in front of her work for UK road signs

Margaret Calvert. Credit: London Design Festival

6. Margaret Calvert

Specialism: Typography, design

Career highlights: While she may not be a household name, South African designer Margaret Calvert’s work is deeply familiar to anyone who has lived or travelled within the UK. Along with her colleague Jock Kinneir, she is responsible for the design style used on road and rail information signs, as well as the ‘Transport’ font found across the nation’s motorways. 

Why we love her: When Margaret Calvert started out, female graphic designers were unheard of. Fortunately, she is steadfast and driven, even when working against the prevailing expectations of the times. Her approach, based on clarity and ease of reading at high speed, met with resistance from traditionalists but has been upheld as the official style for the UK transport system as well as the gov.uk website.Camille Walala working on House of Dots for her collaboration with LEGO

Camille Walala and LEGO collaboration, ‘House of Dots’. Credit: Arts & Collections

7. Camille Walala

Specialism: Graphic design, murals

Career highlights: Calling to mind artists like Lichtenstein and Warhol, Camille Walala’s work is a riot of powerful lines and pure tones that set them startlingly apart from the street settings where they typically appear. After starting out as a textile artist, she began taking the UK capital by storm with distinctive murals, interior design projects and store frontage.

Why we love her: Camille Walala paints the world in bold blocks of color. Her ‘tribal pop’ style is fresh, directional and fun, and is rapidly gathering momentum. In January 2020 she launched ‘House of Dots’ a walk-in installation in collaboration with LEGO. We expect to see much more of her in the future.

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