Nourish your Mind Body Soul- Why I Stopped Eating in Restaurants- Wheel of the year- Witches Hearth- Nisha Designs

I don’t eat out at all now. Every time I have a thought of eating outside, going to restaurant my body just does not like it anymore. And right there my craving stops cause my body prefers simple home food. And to all those people who find themselves and look at going to restaurants as classy, sassy, rich, glamour, oh you don’t eat out you maybe poor or could not afford how bad or good? Or judging people of there choices? Hmm you are the one that really needs a reality check!

Colorado laws and codes on food and restaurants are really mind boggling. Not at all healthy for anyone. It has given more power to restaurants to do whatever they feel like and however they feel like to cook than looking out for people’s health benefits. Food is stale. Old. Nothing is fresh and they claim high dollars rest assured your health goes sour. And so many preservatives, msg phew. Plus because of labor shortage, people now waking up to there own potential want good pay and benefits, they charge more, price gouged everything and calls inflation and the quality is degrading just to keep the business rolling. Almost cheat people if one does not pay attention to what they are actually getting and it is always and should be your choice.

This idea of eating out, these social norms and life all this is a gimmick. I rather choose to make food and have my own social gathering or not or have a peaceful meal with myself and that’s me. I choose not to follow social norms and no that is not anti social, nor does it means I am alone, lonely and all that crap of bullshit thoughts. It’s healthy for ones mind, body and soul living. When eating you want peace, joy good positive mind frame, thoughts so I can bring these nourishing thoughts and manifest a bounty in my own life. And how exactly can you know you will get that exactly from the restaurant or sitting and eating food with people whom you don’t even like? Where the conversations are either non existent or completely off the table with angry raw thoughts of negativity. With no caring of what your body needs and wants. This is what you choose. When food and the act of eating is about listening to your body, spending time with your body and giving thanks to mother nature.

How do you know the chef cooking, the person going to pick the food to make, the owner, the employee serving you all bringing joy, happiness and meaning you well when they are serving you? Just because they have a smile on there face does not mean they are happy inside, they must be thinking about there own life or how they want to get out of this job, money issues, love, sex lack, struggle, suffering, lonely can be any kind of thoughts coming to you on your food plate when they serve you. And occasionally you may find someone who truly enjoys there jobs and may serve you with positive thoughts but not entirely. To Nourish our mind, body and soul we need to actually eat and digest the energy of the meat, vegetables bringing nature’s bounty, caring, abundance, joy into your body but no here you are bringing other people’s positive or negative thoughts and beliefs mixed with whatever your own thoughts and beliefs are doing to you. And now you actually are eating whatever energy they bring into your life with there thoughts and beliefs now mixed with your thoughts and beliefs and your approach to life and you make choices in your life based on everyone else’s mix flavored spicy mild, medium, or sour thoughts and then you wonder what is wrong with my life or you start to feel wanting more, or less confused, doubtful?

Take a moment and think what you actually eating when you go outside and with whom you go outside and share the meals. If you eating say fir example Indian food, American food, Chinese? You are actually eating how a culture thinks there thoughts about life and bringing that into your own life? Do you really want this? Look at the world and all cultures and there beliefs? I rather clear my own head of culture beliefs and think what my soul thinks and then when I cook food from any culture it does not affect me why? Because I cleared my own beliefs and thoughts about everything from my life that is not my soul. But if you don’t do this you are digesting and living God only knows million of other people’s life and beliefs and storing it in your fats and body. Then you complain about the weight? This is where your true weight is gained, by eating other people’s cultures way of being and thinking and living. I have gone though this so I know how yucky it is. All this affects your mind, body soul living.

You may be having a bad day at work or may not like your colleagues but still because of social norms, company ethics laws, company social importance or just to look nice, to smooch someone so you can get more money, promotion you go because not that you like it but you have to and because you need something from this group event? But truly did this choice get you anything? According to your body it only deteriorated your health by choosing promotion, money over listening to your own body and soul. Again this is setting yourself up for a disaster when it comes to nourishing your soul.

Food is sacred and must be eaten with a positive, kind and with mindfulness. So you are aware of your thoughts and you can stop and not allow it to control you. You must eat in silence or I watch comedy light hearted movies or inspiring instrumental songs that nourishes my mind, body and soul when I am eating. And if I am eating with my twin soul(my consort) or people who are close to us then we are focused on each other on matters that our soul and higher mind desire to talk about and nothing else. Listening to ones body is vital and crucial. Your body knows what is best for it if you just take time to listen rather than yelling and screaming and judging your looks, body type, size, weight color and whatever else God only knows your mind gets you into. When we listen to our body life is good and happy. We need less and less and enjoy the simple pleasures and STOP destroying the very land that gives us nutrition and nourishment. We make conscious choice than letting our mind choose for you. We then can take care of our planet if you get over being all about ourselves and following the social norms that are only designed for destruction of your health and we’ll being.

You can find this art on Etsy by daniellebarlowart

This is why we celebrate wheel of the year. Wheel of mother nature. We learn about the seasons, it’s stories and myths to teach us how mother nature lives. What is she telling us? What are her messages? What are the healing and magickal properties of her creations? So we feel connected, protected, safe and have a knowing that all is well and everything we need to live comfortably will always be provided to us as long as mother nature is with us. There is no need for more or not enough. There is bounty for everyone to enjoy.

I recently wrote to the senate personnel responsible for Colorado about approving, creating these laws and codes and how dangerous it is to ones health. The health department of Colorado cannot do anything as they go by laws set by these lawmakers that you choose. No wonder we have these big pharma and insurance companies charging so much and people health is deteriorating day by day. So we will see what they have to say about it. I will keep you posted. It is time to wake up to your own madness and evaluate how you choose to live and take charge. Don’t let these laws destroy your health and take your power just because it is law? You can change the choice by stop doing those things that are not healthy for you and raise your voice to change things.

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