Nature Elemental Collections- Fine Art America- Nisha Designs

The Elemental Collection: This collection is designed to honor the presence of the primal forces of life, these beings are called The Elemental. The energy of natures expression. The beings of EARTH are called The GNOME. The beings of WATER are called UNDINE. The being of AIR are called SYLPH and the being of FIRE are called SALAMANDER. These elemental are the building blocks of nature. They exist in every aspect of nature and within every person. We cannot exist if any of these elements are missing from our life. Respect nature. Take care of Nature. Our designs in this collection are based on all four elements of nature. The elements used is the very basic form of nature.

Where to buy: You can purchase this design by getting in touch with us directly at And or go onto Fine Art America, Nisha Desai Art to purchase finished goods.

If you desire a custom art or would like to modify any of our prints do message me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to our world of wonder and magick. Nisha Designs is a design studio in Colorado of an artist and textile designer, Nisha. We provide custom art and textile design services. All of our design collections represent the magickal world.. I hope you enjoy engaging with our art and design as much as I have loved creating these beautiful gifts of Magic. And may my art and design inspire and enlighten your own inner journey full of magic, wonder, joy and happiness. Thank you for supporting art, stopping by and shopping with us.

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