Vote For Wanting Equal- It Takes Two To Tango- Nisha Designs

My DAD was and has always been a matriarch. His factory had 90% women workers working for him than men. Women basically ran his business for him in india. I was treated exactly as the other women in his business were treated. Not above not below. Equals. He trusted them and took great care of them. Never ever i have seen him make decisions by himself. Always asked the women of the family first what do you think and then together made a choice. He treated everyone as his equal. Because of him i never had issues with male in my life. Because i treat them as equals. A divine union are equals.

Role of males and females is to walk together. Equals in everything. A male is not the only head of a home, A male is not responsible to be the only one earning the money to bring home. A male is not the only one responsible to make decisions by himself for everything and everyone. Everything is done together as a whole. Patriarchy society is only about males. Makes in charge of everything. Matriarchy is a society of equals role of male and female.

It takes two to tango not one. Remember when you go out to vote. Vote for wanting equal.

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