Lets Talk Sustainability-Fossil Fuel- Fracking- Mining- Synthetic ‘Manmade’ ‘Humanmade’ Fibers- Education- Nisha Designs

What is sustainability truly?

It is a process of a product made from the surface of the planet. Every step of the process of making of the product is made from materials found on the surface of the planet. These materials that are found from the surface of the planet are sustainable, they are biodegradable meaning once the products lifespan is over they can go back to earth and decompose easily. These materials found on the surface of the planet are safe for the planet, planets people and its well being. These materials that are found on the surface of the planet have all the qualities needed to create a sustainable product. Hence the planet has these materials for us to create from. These materials that are grown on the surface do not harm the planets well being.

So lets talk about what is harming the planet?

Fossil Fuel, Fracking, Mining, Manmade synthetic fibers.

All synthetic fibers are made from fossil fuel, fracking and mining that are hazardous to the planet and our health and well being. So why is this allowed? Why does a ‘man’, ‘human’ have a need to create different from what is already created for us to live comfortably by the planet? Why do businesses and corporations feel they are entitled and have the right to harm the planet? Why arent they kept accountable? And why arent we demanding transparency truth of the processes? Questioning the businesses and corporations we work with or buy there services and products for there full transpqrency?

Polyester is made from petroleum that is obtained by fossil fuel mining practices. Businesses and corporations are labelling, certifying polyester, recycle polyester and all synthetic fibers as sustainable why? Fossil fuel, mining, fracking is not a sustainble practice. And must be stopped immediately and any product nade from it. The certifying agencies claim it is safe for humans and why are they prioritizing the need, want of a ‘human’ before the planets need, want, requirement? Dont you think logically if we take care of the planet the people will be taken care of? Why are they separating planets needs and the people needs? Have you actually truly seen there recycling processes? And what they are telling you is actually the truth? Are they true to there word on doing the recycling sustainably? No they are not. There have been no codes, no certificate for planet based surface materials why? All of these ways of practicing is by law a felony a crime to misguide the consumers and must be held responsible for there false marketing and false information to the consumers. They must be held accountable to clean up the planet for the mess they have made.

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