230-Ft Organ In Croatia Uses The Sea To Create Hauntingly Beautiful Music- Sea Organ- Nisha Designs

This 230-foot sea-organ located in Croatia uses energy from wind and water from the Adriatic Sea and creates an incredibly soothing harmony.

Also known as ““morske orgulje” in Croatia the marvelous sea-organ opened to the public in 2005 and was designed by Nikola Basic, a Croatian architect. The organ works by water and wind entering through holes at the bottom of the steps, which are then directed into resounding chambers.


The sounds then make their exit along the holes of the highest steps. Not surprisingly, the giant organ has become a popular lunch spot and tourist attraction — a far cry from what remained of Zadar in the aftermath of World War II.


Sea Organ Of Zadar

Source: https://canyouactually.com/this-giant-organ-in-croatia-uses-the-sea-to-create-hauntingly-beautiful-sounds/