30 Incredibly Realistic Sand Sculptures Of Animals By Andoni-Nisha Designs

This artist sculpts huge sand animals to the point that they look real. His beginning with sand sculptures was 10 years ago. It all started when he made a little mermaid when he was on the beach with his two daughters, and in that moment he discovered the fluidity of his hands.

The last 10 years were dedicated purely and exclusively to developing this gift and these are the 30 best sculptures Andoni has created:

1. A shark devouring someone

2. In this case the shark does not look so violent

5. The coat of this Jaguar can practically be felt 

6. A moment before the attack

7. A very realistic little puppy

8. Not only does he make animal sculptures, he also makes human sculptures

9. This beluga is stranded in the middle of the beach, but don’t worry, it’s not real

10. Just imagine walking along this beach and finding this huge shark in the middle of the road.

11. A dog emerging from the sand

12. Besides making them look real, you also take time to color them

13. You can also find animals that do not usually inhabit the beaches

14. Not only does he believe them, he also loves posing with them

15. I don’t know if you are too, but I would be very scared to see this

16. Andoni has a fascination for sand, because according to him it doesn’t matter how you look at it. “The sand always teaches you things if you have the predisposition to learn”

17. “To create a sculpture, you need an unimaginable amount of sand particles hugging themselves in the moisture. They just need someone who can give a model and a shape to this beautiful union “mentioned the artist

18. Once the artist moves away from the sculpture, she will be at the mercy of Mother Nature. This means that one day the wind will dry them and give each particle freedom, gradually consuming all its authenticity. In simple words, it will make her disappear

19. The beauty of these sculptures disappears before you imagine a beach 

20. Visitors meet very early to watch Andoni creating his works of art

21. “There are many reasons why I love making animal sculptures, but one of them is that animals are totally free spirits” said Andoni

22. “Humans can learn a lot from animals and reflect just by looking at them”

23. “There is also the nudity that they brought to our planet from birth to death. That nudity, at least for me, is a symbol of freedom and a fundamental ingredient to be able to truly live ”said Andoni in the interview.

24. On some occasions, he decides to do something more mystical than realistic, however his creations continue to amaze tourists every day.

25. Humans “dress too much” to survive in many ways. I will never make a sculpture of an animal with a necklace or chain. I prefer to show his freedom, his power and wisdom through beauty rather than suffering

26. With his sculptures he also intends to raise awareness about the waste that reaches the oceans

27. Pollution in the seas grows to such an extent that it is estimated that in some years we will have huge islands formed by garbage

28.Some tourists look for it specifically to recreate their pets with sand

29. The garbage that he uses to create his sculptures is collected purely and exclusively from the beaches where he makes them.

30. Andoni has been perfecting his works of art for more than 10 years


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