Sustainability Awareness- Synthetic Fibers- Nisha Designs

All these are manmade Synthetic Fibers made from petroleum through fracking, mining, fossil fuels practices that are harming our environment. When you wear these materials on you, buy them and have them in your home, hotel, restaurants, office, food packaging, bottles, clothing, on your furniture, drapery, cushions, bed you sleep on etc you are literally breathing toxic chemicals. And the thing is when anything is manmade requires a lot of chemicals to sustain it because it was acquired by harming the planet that which should not have been allowed to be use or manufactured. Natural fabric made from plant, resin, tree sustain themselves and are biodegradlable. Why do we need to dig into earth when everything is provided for us on the surface? Why?

This planet was created with everything we needed to live and support ourselves. This planet universe is created by The Magickal Queen with her magick and purpose. Humans did not create this planet or the universe. And so all of our sources and resources we have are created for us already to sustain us, give us a healthy radiant lifestyle. There is nothing to recreate but enhance what is already created for us. Because it is manmade and it has been aquired falsely without asking mother earth’s permission it was created with the intention of greed, negative energy that brings in your home and life, in your relationships, finances, your mind creates mental issues etc. Natural fabrics are created of magick, purpose, happiness, love, abundance and more to live comfortabley without struggle and enjoy the resources of gaea. Use natural made products from start to finish. Be aware of what you buy and look at how it is made. Choose natural fabrics.

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