Sustainability Awareness- Synthetic Fibers- Nisha Designs

All these are manmade Synthetic Fibers made from petroleum through fracking, mining, fossil fuels practices that are harming our environment. When you wear these materials on you, buy them and have them in your home, hotel, restaurants, office, food packaging, bottles, clothing, on your furniture, drapery, cushions, bed you sleep on etc you are literally breathing toxic chemicals. And the thing is when anything is manmade requires a lot of chemicals to sustain it because it was acquired by harming the planet that which should not have been allowed to be use or manufactured. Natural fabric made from plant, resin, tree sustain themselves and are biodegradlable. Why do we need to dig into earth when everything is provided for us on the surface? Why?

This planet was created with everything we needed to live and support ourselves. This planet universe is created by The Magickal Queen with her magick and purpose. Humans did not create this planet or the universe. And so all of our sources and resources we have are created for us already to sustain us, give us a healthy radiant lifestyle. There is nothing to recreate but enhance what is already created for us. Because it is manmade and it has been aquired falsely without asking mother earth’s permission it was created with the intention of greed, negative energy that brings in your home and life, in your relationships, finances, your mind creates mental issues etc. Natural fabrics are created of magick, purpose, happiness, love, abundance and more to live comfortabley without struggle and enjoy the resources of gaea. Use natural made products from start to finish. Be aware of what you buy and look at how it is made. Choose natural fabrics.


Gorgeous fabric made in Italy.

Navetta tissue:
100% GOTS Hemp
Weight: 130 gr/m²
Height: 155 cm (+-5%)


To create your own sustainable collection and to see our samples from any of our collections please message us at Samples are for free but you will need to pay for shipping. Thank you.

minimum 1 meter


The Verdi Canvas is a woven fabric in 100% Hemp with a 130gr/m2 weight.2

It’s a historic fabric and it’s perfect to realize shirts that thanks to their look and softness are appreciated from the whole family.

It’s one of a kind, the Verdi Canvas is perfect to create items during all the year, from the underwear and pajamas to unisex shirts. During the summer it is not only perfect for shirts, but also for foulards, sarongs, and fresh accessories in general for both day and night.

Thanks to his weight and his hand, which is really soft and wrapping, the Canvas is perfect in a 155 cm height to create baby cot’s and small beds linens.

We highly recommend the use of the Hemp since the first days of our children. This is because of the antibacterial feature from the Hemp fiber, which is also perfect on newborn skins, and gives a micro massage on their skin. These features will guarantee each baby a great comfort during their sleep, a sensation that cotton cannot reach.

Thanks to his transparency and lightness, the Verdi can also be used for nice home decors.

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Magick and Symbolism of Alpaca Wool- Nisha Designs

These are the magickal properties that make Alpaca wool fiber special when you use it. It is important to be aware of our sustainable planet earth and all of its wonderful creations of magick that Divine Mother Earth Goddess, GAEA has created so we can live comfortably and magickally. Each creation giving us an awareness of who they are and there purpose in creation. Every creation animate or inanimate beings are a living soul creation of our mother’s magick.

Magickal Issues, Intentions & Powers of Alpaca: Action, Adaptability, Balance, Diligence, Duty, Fortitude, Movement, Patience, and Stamina. Alpacas bring good luck and prosperity. They are gentle, calm and curious souls. For Andean families Alpacas are an important income source and so are a pillar of livelihood.

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Allover Pattern—the “Extravagant Indulgence” of Interiors—Is Back! – AD- Nisha Designs

Pattern explosion is popping off—again. Designers share why the maximalist style enduresHannah MartinMARCH 8, 2023 1:47 PM

Article Source: Architectural Digest

10 Unique Places to Glamp in Colorado this Summer- 303 Magazine- Nisha Designs

Camp Colorado: Dolores River Campground

Where: 18680 Highway 140, Dolores

The Glamp: Choose between sleeping in a covered wagon, a yurt, or a retro travel trailer. Did we mention the covered-wagon features a king-size bed?

Nearby Attractions: The Dolores River flows through the campground, as well as an on-site fishing pond ensuring plenty of fly-fishing opportunities during your stay. With plenty of lodging on the campground, Dolores Campground makes for the perfect getaway for you, your family and your friends.

Plan your stay here.

Royal Gorge Cabins

Where: 45054 W US Highway 50, Cañon City

The Glamp: The campground boasts options of luxury glamping tents featuring either one or two queen-size beds. The tents even have Wi-Fi and electrical outlets, so you’re sure to feel like you’re in your home away from home.

Nearby Attractions: Try out some white water rafting with Echo Canyon Rafting, visit Bishop Castle or kick-back with a wine-tasting at Holy Cross Abbey Winery. If you want help maximizing your time here, the staff has created vacation itineraries you can customize to plan your perfect weekend.

Plan your stay here.

Vintage Mountain Camper Escape Airbnb

Via Airbnb

Where: Between Boulder and Golden

The Glamp: A bargain of an Airbnb at $80 a night with all the charm of a 1972 Streamline, this camper provides seclusion on six private acres of land to explore. Plus, the hosts of this Airbnb are superhosts, so they will ensure you are happy with your stay.

Nearby Attractions: The property provides ample access to hiking and wildlife viewing, yet is also in range of Uber and Lyft access to see a show at the Red Rocks or go out in downtown Boulder.

Plan your stay here.

Secluded Wilderness Yurts

Via Glamping hub.

Where: Multiple Locations

The Glamp: This yurt can fit six people and is nestled in the Colorado wilderness. You’re sure to love the privacy of this unique yurt.

Nearby Attractions: You can see the surrounding mountains from the comfort of the yurt. The property has easy access to trails in the area where you can hike, bike, fish, swim and play. At the end of the night, relax by the campfire and enjoy the countless stars in this hidden getaway.

Plan your stay here.

Tiny Cabin

Via Airbnb

Where: Como

The Glamp: This rustic cabin is 90 minutes from Denver, making itself the perfect getaway from the city. The cabin is perfect for those wanting an off-the-grid experience as it utilizes a hand well for water and a wood stove for cooking. As a plus, this Airbnb is owned by Superhosts.

Nearby Attractions: The cabin itself allows for immaculate viewing of the mountains, but you’re also a quick walk away from the Gold Dust Trail where you can hike, bike, and even snowshoe in some cases.

Plan your stay here.

Creekside Glamping Teepee

Via Airbnb

Where: Hudson

The Glamp: If you’ve never slept in a teepee before, this is your chance to do so for less than $100 a night. The glamping teepee has a queen-sized bed, is pitched alongside a live creek, allowing for soothing noises to doze off to, and is located on a working Colorado Horse Ranch. This Airbnb is owned by a Superhost, as well.

Nearby Attractions: The Keenesburg Wild Animal Sanctuary is a quick drive from the ranch, which is the world’s largest carnivore sanctuary. Colorado Clays Shooting Park is another stop to make if you’d like to try your hand at the shooting range. You’ll have to make sure to spend time on the ranch, as well, to see all the horses that live there.

Plan your stay here.

Canyon Hideout Bungalow

Via Airbnb

Where: Cortez

The Glamp: You’ll be staying in a retro-themed 1958 Airstream Land Yacht resting under the red rock canyons, as well as underneath one of the oldest Juniper trees ever recorded. This Airbnb is owned by a Superhost.

Nearby Attractions: There are endless hiking possibilities in the area. Trails directly from the bungalow lead to the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument. This Airbnb is ideal for enthusiastic hikers, as there are waterfalls, wildlife and 80 acres of canyon acres to explore.

Plan your stay here.

High Desert Tent Home

Via Airbnb

Where: Cortez

The Glamp: At $70 a night, this tent home is a bargain, and still has all the amenities you could possibly need. You can feel good about staying here, too, as the lights are run by solar power and the home utilizes composting for plumbing purposes.

Nearby Attractions: There’s a cliff band a short walk from the Airbnb where you can try your hand at bouldering. You’re also a short drive away from town. This home is near a permaculture ranch where you’re welcome to learn the sustainable practices used there.

Plan your stay here.

Bed and Breakfast in a Wagon

Via Airbnb

Where: Dolores

The Glamp: This Airbnb is a replica of a Basque sheepherder’s wagon and is sure to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll be charmed by the attention to detail, such as the potbellied wood stove. If the wagon itself doesn’t already catch your attention, the homemade breakfast wheeled to your door by Superhost Wendy will. Plus, it’s only $62 per night.

Nearby Attractions: The wagon is located less than 10 miles from Mesa Verde National Park, which is a perfect hiking destination. You can also go fishing and boating on the Dolores River.

Plan your stay here.

Mongolian Yurt

Via Airbnb

Where: Carbondale

The Glamp: This spacious yurt fits six people, making it the perfect getaway for the whole family or a girls trip. It’s located on the owner’s family ranch. This means you’ll get to hang out with pigs, cows and even Alpacas on this property. This Airbnb is owned by a Superhost.

Nearby Attractions: On the ranch, you have plenty of unique opportunities, such as Alpaca yoga and barn studios where you can try out your creative side. You are also welcome to purchase the fresh food produced on the ranch, like its Farm Pork Beer Brats. The ranch is near Avalanche Ranch where you can relax in the hot springs and take in the view of the mountains.

Plan your stay here.


Filipino artist Gilbert Angeles transforms plastic and waste material into paintings — Life & Soul Magazine

Filipino artist Gilbert Angeles is giving discarded waste a new life by incorporating materials ranging from shredded plastic to old paint and leftover construction wood in his paintings. The artist sources the materials from around his Manila neighbourhood or through donations from contacts he has made since launching his environmental campaign in 2019. He was […]

Filipino artist Gilbert Angeles transforms plastic and waste material into paintings — Life & Soul Magazine

The Good of the Hive: Mural project raises awareness of the connectedness of all things — Life & Soul Magazine

New York-based muralist Matthew Willey has hand painted more than 50,000 individual bees on buildings around the world to highlight growing threats to pollinators. The artist was inspired to create this environmental message after a bee flew through his apartment window in late spring 2008. Having rendered more than 5,500 of the pollinators in 30 […]

The Good of the Hive: Mural project raises awareness of the connectedness of all things — Life & Soul Magazine


Modern artificial leathers are coated with polyurethane (PU) instead of PVC, as PU is much more environmentally friendly in production, use and disposal.
Conventional PU, however, has the disadvantage that moisture and bacteria can penetrate through the openness of the pores and thus permanently damage the PU.
A new manufacturing process enables PU artificial leather to be produced with closed pores, so that there are no fractures in the surface – it is much more durable and hard-wearing.
Our artificial leathers SOLO, KANO, JAGO, ENA and ROMY have been produced with this special PU manufacturing process, called High System PU.

Our modern faux leathers are also particularly soft and insensitive to soiling. They are quick and easy to clean. With over 300,000 rubbing cycles, our faux leathers are durable and robust. Due to their permanent bi-elasticity, the materials can be easily upholstered according to all processes customary in the upholstery industry. 
The advantages of High System PU faux leather are:

  • free of phthalate
  • high and permanent elongation
  • particularly hard-wearing
  • easy care
  • insulating against cold
  • breathable
  • PU is recyclable

Faux Leather

Garry is a high-quality HSPU faux leather with a textile look. It conveys visual cosiness and comfort and at the same time offers the functional advantages of faux leather.

Romy has a beautifully grained, matt surface that can hardly be distinguished haptically from genuine leather. The leather look is supported by warm natural shades.

Ena is modern and bold with its smooth, metallic surface and strong accentuated colours. In addition to the classic metallic tones such as gold, copper and silver, strong tones such as orange and red stand out.

Jago has a natural leather apperance; its slight vintage look makes it extremely suitable for the furnishing of a modern hotel. It is ideal for headboards, bed surrounds and seating furniture of all kind. The authenticity of the faux leather is underlined by the colour range which concentrates on natural and grey tones.

Kano is a faux leather with a fine graphically embossed structure and a modern metallic sheen. The colour range comprises metal tones such as steel, titanium, silver and bronze as well as black and white.

Solo has a large colour palette with strong colours paired with natural leather tones. Solo is particularly beautiful in combination with upholstery fabrics from the DELIGARD series.

For samples, Information please connect with Nisha Desai- or call 702-622-8321. Talk to you soon. You can check our collections at:

Introducing Flooring with Nisha Designs

Monday Morning Blues: Introducing Flooring- We are expanding with our New Product Offering. Carpet Tiles. SPC tiles. Wall to wall Tiles. Look out for our flooring designs/ technology. For your home/ hospitals/ hospitality/ healthcare/ residential/ commercial. We can do it all. If you interested to transform your flooring with Nisha Designs do message us for more information.

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Art Words Around The World: Terms To Create And Craft In Other Tongues- Babbel- Nisha Designs

Art jargon is highly nuanced. It can be hard to decipher the meaning of so many words, especially if you’re a native English speaker and the words come from a language other than your mother tongue. Add to that the fact that a lot of people see the world of art appreciation as inaccessible, elitist or snobby, and it’s easy to see how learning art words, terms and expressions can be a formidable task.

But art is truly one of the world’s universal languages, so it shouldn’t be hard to talk about! With a little primer on important art words and movements, you can be ready to talk about sculptures and sketches, paintings and pictures, and everything in between! Here are 10 of some of the world’s most popular art words from other languages and what they mean.

Art Words And Expressions From Around The World

chiaroscuro — this Italian word literally means “light-dark” (from chiaro, “light,” and oscuro, “dark”), and it refers to the balance and contrast between light and shadow in a work of art to convey a sense of movement and volume. It was a favorite stylistic device of Baroque artists of the late 16th and early 17th centuries like Caravaggio, who often recreated religious narratives with dramatic energy and heightened emotional tension.

Renaissance — this French word translates to “rebirth” (naissance just means “birth”) and refers to the post-medieval period in Europe, concentrated in the Italian Peninsula, that placed an emphasis on humanism and the resurgence of classical Greek philosophy and ideals. Some of its most famous leaders included Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

Bauhaus — founded in Weimar, Germany and operating from 1919 to 1933, Bauhaus was perhaps one of the most influential modernist art schools of the 20th century, shaping the development of artistic style in Europe and the United States in the interwar period and onwards. Fusing art and the industrial design of manufacturing, the artists of the Bauhaus school sought to bring a sort of social and artistic relevance into an otherwise soulless aspect of functional creation.

Dada — founded in Switzerland in the throes of World War I and continuing in its immediate aftermath, the Dada movement (or “Dadaism”) highlighted the chaos, horrors and disillusionment of war by focusing on scattered, unconventional and nonsensical elements that conveyed the artists’ disgust with the existing sociopolitical order and how it gave rise to such catastrophic human conflict. The name’s etymology is unclear. Some claim it’s just nonsense syllables chosen at random, others say it comes from the French word for a child’s hobbyhorse (dada) and still others think it comes from two of the Romanian artists’ way of saying “yes, yes” (da, da) in their language.

De Stijl — also known as “Neoplasticism,” de Stijl (literally “The Style”) was a Dutch art movement of the early 20th century led by artists Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg. As a reaction to the highly decorative Art Deco movement and the horrors of World War I, de Stijl focused on basic geometric forms and solid, often primary colors meant to represent a more spiritualized, utopian view of art and the world, as well as to combine form and function effortlessly.

graffiti — this word has been adopted into English to refer to often informal (but sometimes very intentional), stylized street art typically spray-painted onto walls or other public surfaces. It comes from the plural of the Italian word graffito, which refers to a scribbling or scratch in a surface (and which is the diminutive form of the word graffio, “a scratch”). Since the 1970s, graffiti has become an integral part of urban and hip-hop culture, but it’s existed as a concept since at least the time of the ancient Romans.

Gutai — one of the most influential art movements of post-World War II Japan, this association of artists placed a heavy emphasis on individualism in response to the pre-war totalitarian regime. The Japanese word “gutai” translates to “concreteness,” and it focused on the physical connection between the human spirit and a whole range of materials. In response to the isolationism that had defined their nation’s position in the world, Gutai artists mastered cross-cultural networking, spreading their ideas across the globe.

memento mori — this term goes all the way back to get its name from the Latin of antiquity. This term, one of the most famous art words from Latin, translates to “remember you must die,” and it refers to motifs (in artwork, but also in life in general) that remind viewers of their own mortality and the ephemeral nature of life itself — items like skulls and hourglasses, for example.

Tropicália — this Brazilian art form emerged in the 1960s as a way to give contemporary art a Brazilian flair distinct from the heavily European cultural domination of the era. A movement that sought to shake up the status quo, it became a sort of rallying movement for the country’s progressives and rebels, and it touched all aspects of the artistic world, from visual arts to music to literature.

bodegón — the Spanish word for “still life,” this type of visual artwork — usually in painting form — gets its name from the Spanish word bodega, meaning “storeroom” or “tavern.” This genre of works — many of which were revolutionary in their time (around the early and mid-17th century) for their intense naturalism, displays compositions of inanimate objects — frequently depicts food and drink, jewelry, dishes, art supplies, flowers or other everyday items. The austerity of the bodegones is meant to convey a powerful moral message about the fleeting, sometimes tragic, nature of life.Practice the art of language learning.


You Can Vacation And Sleep In A Giant Wine Barrel AND Drink Wine All Day- Nisha Designs


Trying to attract tourists, restaurateurs build facilities where people can sleep in interesting forms. so, many winemakers have facilities that associate with grapes and wine. For example in Douro, Portugal in the facilities of Quinta da Pacheca sleep is organized in huge wine barrels.

Here, people who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the cities can relax in these quaint and romantic barrels and savor their original wines.

The estate has existed for 280 years with a 140-acre vineyard. To be there and spend some time is a dream of every wine lover, and with great and original accommodation, this can be near perfection.

The giant wine barrels are designed to look like the actual wine barrels they use in the vineyards. The property owner Paulo Pereira and Maria do Céu Gonçalves designed and built them from pine.

Each apartment is 30 meters long and has a breathtaking view. It has a light window that makes the room feel much bigger than it is.

In this “wine room” tourists can use the shower, the bathroom, and the front deck. They don’t have to do anything but slow down and indulge in the beauty that surrounds them. The bed has a round shape that is rarely found in other tourist places and in real life.


Their grapes grow along the river on steep hillsides. They produce beautiful reds, whites, rosé, and port wines.


Excellent wine connoisseurs know that every wine tastes best when served with local food. In this tourist destination, visitors are also able to taste their wonderful wines with many local delicacies.

Also locally made jams and olive oil can be found here, which is a must-try. The property has a restaurant that offers all the services, so tourists do not have to go elsewhere.


The valley of the Douro wine region is home to ports and enriched wines like Sherry. Mountainous terrains will delight anyone who learns about the region and are in itself a sufficient reason to put it on the list of next destinations.

This region is up to Barca de Alva, which is the oldest branched wine region in the world. It is characterized by a carved deep valley of the river, on the side of which, by the hand of man, mountain areas have been turned into soil and walls and planted with vines. The whole region is green in summer and blue in autumn.

The knowledge of grapes and wine is passed on from generation to generation. The landowners removed the terraces overtime to expose the vines to the sun and thus provide the necessary warmth for the grapes. This unique wine and landscape are created from the fruits of the earth and human labor.


The price is similar to many other accommodations in the area, about $ 250 per night. As this is a great trip for most people, it is necessary to get tickets to Portugal, regulate everything regarding travel documents and head to that destination.