10 Unique Places to Glamp in Colorado this Summer- 303 Magazine- Nisha Designs

Camp Colorado: Dolores River Campground

Where: 18680 Highway 140, Dolores

The Glamp: Choose between sleeping in a covered wagon, a yurt, or a retro travel trailer. Did we mention the covered-wagon features a king-size bed?

Nearby Attractions: The Dolores River flows through the campground, as well as an on-site fishing pond ensuring plenty of fly-fishing opportunities during your stay. With plenty of lodging on the campground, Dolores Campground makes for the perfect getaway for you, your family and your friends.

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Royal Gorge Cabins

Where: 45054 W US Highway 50, Cañon City

The Glamp: The campground boasts options of luxury glamping tents featuring either one or two queen-size beds. The tents even have Wi-Fi and electrical outlets, so you’re sure to feel like you’re in your home away from home.

Nearby Attractions: Try out some white water rafting with Echo Canyon Rafting, visit Bishop Castle or kick-back with a wine-tasting at Holy Cross Abbey Winery. If you want help maximizing your time here, the staff has created vacation itineraries you can customize to plan your perfect weekend.

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Vintage Mountain Camper Escape Airbnb

Via Airbnb

Where: Between Boulder and Golden

The Glamp: A bargain of an Airbnb at $80 a night with all the charm of a 1972 Streamline, this camper provides seclusion on six private acres of land to explore. Plus, the hosts of this Airbnb are superhosts, so they will ensure you are happy with your stay.

Nearby Attractions: The property provides ample access to hiking and wildlife viewing, yet is also in range of Uber and Lyft access to see a show at the Red Rocks or go out in downtown Boulder.

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Secluded Wilderness Yurts

Via Glamping hub.

Where: Multiple Locations

The Glamp: This yurt can fit six people and is nestled in the Colorado wilderness. You’re sure to love the privacy of this unique yurt.

Nearby Attractions: You can see the surrounding mountains from the comfort of the yurt. The property has easy access to trails in the area where you can hike, bike, fish, swim and play. At the end of the night, relax by the campfire and enjoy the countless stars in this hidden getaway.

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Tiny Cabin

Via Airbnb

Where: Como

The Glamp: This rustic cabin is 90 minutes from Denver, making itself the perfect getaway from the city. The cabin is perfect for those wanting an off-the-grid experience as it utilizes a hand well for water and a wood stove for cooking. As a plus, this Airbnb is owned by Superhosts.

Nearby Attractions: The cabin itself allows for immaculate viewing of the mountains, but you’re also a quick walk away from the Gold Dust Trail where you can hike, bike, and even snowshoe in some cases.

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Creekside Glamping Teepee

Via Airbnb

Where: Hudson

The Glamp: If you’ve never slept in a teepee before, this is your chance to do so for less than $100 a night. The glamping teepee has a queen-sized bed, is pitched alongside a live creek, allowing for soothing noises to doze off to, and is located on a working Colorado Horse Ranch. This Airbnb is owned by a Superhost, as well.

Nearby Attractions: The Keenesburg Wild Animal Sanctuary is a quick drive from the ranch, which is the world’s largest carnivore sanctuary. Colorado Clays Shooting Park is another stop to make if you’d like to try your hand at the shooting range. You’ll have to make sure to spend time on the ranch, as well, to see all the horses that live there.

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Canyon Hideout Bungalow

Via Airbnb

Where: Cortez

The Glamp: You’ll be staying in a retro-themed 1958 Airstream Land Yacht resting under the red rock canyons, as well as underneath one of the oldest Juniper trees ever recorded. This Airbnb is owned by a Superhost.

Nearby Attractions: There are endless hiking possibilities in the area. Trails directly from the bungalow lead to the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument. This Airbnb is ideal for enthusiastic hikers, as there are waterfalls, wildlife and 80 acres of canyon acres to explore.

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High Desert Tent Home

Via Airbnb

Where: Cortez

The Glamp: At $70 a night, this tent home is a bargain, and still has all the amenities you could possibly need. You can feel good about staying here, too, as the lights are run by solar power and the home utilizes composting for plumbing purposes.

Nearby Attractions: There’s a cliff band a short walk from the Airbnb where you can try your hand at bouldering. You’re also a short drive away from town. This home is near a permaculture ranch where you’re welcome to learn the sustainable practices used there.

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Bed and Breakfast in a Wagon

Via Airbnb

Where: Dolores

The Glamp: This Airbnb is a replica of a Basque sheepherder’s wagon and is sure to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll be charmed by the attention to detail, such as the potbellied wood stove. If the wagon itself doesn’t already catch your attention, the homemade breakfast wheeled to your door by Superhost Wendy will. Plus, it’s only $62 per night.

Nearby Attractions: The wagon is located less than 10 miles from Mesa Verde National Park, which is a perfect hiking destination. You can also go fishing and boating on the Dolores River.

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Mongolian Yurt

Via Airbnb

Where: Carbondale

The Glamp: This spacious yurt fits six people, making it the perfect getaway for the whole family or a girls trip. It’s located on the owner’s family ranch. This means you’ll get to hang out with pigs, cows and even Alpacas on this property. This Airbnb is owned by a Superhost.

Nearby Attractions: On the ranch, you have plenty of unique opportunities, such as Alpaca yoga and barn studios where you can try out your creative side. You are also welcome to purchase the fresh food produced on the ranch, like its Farm Pork Beer Brats. The ranch is near Avalanche Ranch where you can relax in the hot springs and take in the view of the mountains.

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Source: https://303magazine.com/2019/06/11-unique-places-to-glamp-in-colorado-this-summer/?fbclid=IwAR1wcVeZ8JSuF6MnVuYjr321KpT0cc4eGTAXKo33mrNA5Uz-BnSC4_3kPXQ

Street Wise- Art as an Activism or “Artivism”- Nisha Designs

The Triumph of imagination and individuality. These beautiful artist of boulder, colorado have created amazing art to inspire dialogue and model pathways toward a more empowered, positive culture though art.

Street Wise is an art experience driven by social activism. Art as activism or Artivism is a way to heal and restore our sense of personal power as well as create positive change. “Street Wise” hopes to encourage conversations about important issues that affect our culture, using art as a catalyst. Street art has a rich history in activism and social commentary and it is constantly evolving alongside society- Canyon Gallery, Boulder

Katy Zimmerman- Transmutation. You are vast and full of identities not yet explored. you will ultimately grow and change to fill them. You are scared, you are powerful.
Lindee Zimmer- Don’t Ignore This Crisis. We have one earth and we must respect it.This is not a drill this is an emergency. This change nature is experiencing is a direct result of humans. How will you act in a crisis?
Jessica Moon Bernstein-Schiano
Max Michael Coleman- Tipping Point/ Stacked- These Blue Sharks portrayed, like almost all other deep water shark species are harvested in mass. It is estimated that 100,000,000 sharks are killed annually for either soup or the cosmetic and pet food industry. It is a travesty of a monumental scale imposed upon our oceans by humans. However, just as it has been imposed, it can be remedied. We are at a tipping point with our oceans, just as these beautiful noble creatures you see before you are tipping, spilling, and leaving Earth. It is our duty to spread awareness and pass judgement on this ignorance and correct it. You the public reading it, it is in your hands. I have given you my painting, I have you my sentiment, my words, my time. Now i ask you to lend me your hand.
Patrick Maxcy. Survival- “This piece was inspired by decline in suitable orangutan habitat, which has landed the animal on the critically endangered list. Deforestation, brought on by legal and illegal to make way for oil palm plantation and other agricultural plantations, is a threat to their survival. In this pieces, pollution has replaced the forest floor. But the Orangutan sits wisely atop the trash pile ready to claim back his home.”
Johnny Draco. Wedge In Flight. This piece explores inclusivity through the lens of race seen by the eyes of modern day society.
Jessica Moon Bernstein-Schiano- The lack of sea ice was making it more difficult to get around.
Niamh Rita- The Chapel Of Femme. The Chapel of Femme is a place of reflection. Inside, you will see imagery that narrates some aspects of the queer femme experience. You need not be queer, femme, or a (non) believer os any specific faith to enter this space. All you are asked is to carry with you a spirit of respect and curiosity while you are within the walls of the chapel.