Allover Pattern—the “Extravagant Indulgence” of Interiors—Is Back! – AD- Nisha Designs

Pattern explosion is popping off—again. Designers share why the maximalist style enduresHannah MartinMARCH 8, 2023 1:47 PM

Article Source: Architectural Digest

Update- Introducing New Sustainable Environmental Friendly Textile Product Line- Nisha Designs

Welcome to Nisha Designs.

We have been diligently working behind the scenes to partner and represent manufacturers to bring you environmental responsible sustainable textile eco friendly products. These products are made sustainably that is not harmful to the planets well being, from start to finish the process is clean and we provide full transparency to our clients in making of the products. No harmful chemicals, no synthetic manmade fibers, no recycle polyester or any manmade polyester fabrics. Our intent and goal is to live a sustainable life by using what is available to us from the surface of the earth which is how it should be.

Our manufacturers are making products solely from the surface of the planet that are beautiful, affordable, available and ready to be installed, created into anything you desire. Meets all of the industry standards and codes. Tested and certified. And our manufacturers have all the means, sources and resources to create what you need sustainably.

What is the best way to work with us?

Look at our product shop here.

If you know already what product you want to make, create into sustainable textiles drop me an email or call to Nisha Desai at or call 702.622.8321

Sourcing and Custom Made

We service custom handmade carpets, organic cotton and hemp towels, hemp flooring, wallpaper, fabrics, clothing, pottery, blankets, matresses anything is possible with out sources and resources.

We service custom handmade carpets, organic cotton and hemp towels, hemp flooring, wallpaper, fabrics, clothing, table cloths, restaurant napkins, aprons, pottery, blankets, mattresses anything is possible with out sources and resources. Lets talk.

Transition your polyester into sustainable textiles. Your Regular Cotton to Organic Cotton.

You can create your own fabric line, textile product line that you have that is not currently sustainable from start to finish and want to convert them into sustainable textile. You can recreate your whole business based on sustainability. We have the means and the source. Now depending on the project there may be a development fee for research, development and certification.

We have the best manufacturers we work and partner with for making what you need that is sustainable from start to finish. Our manufacturers are all over the world. We work with domestic as well as international suppliers for our products.These Eco fibers are all sustainable, stain resistant, durable, biodegradable with a reasonable life expectancy established by the product used.

To learn more about our Eco Fibers and what you can create with it click here.

Sample Fee and Shipping cost

For some products we do charge sample fee and for some only the shipping cost. So look at our product line and lets talk.

Some product like is straight forward. Meaning you place the orders for your samples to We have paypal, direct deposit anything you desire. Once you place the orders with us we will return the sample cost back to you at the time of your order. We appreciate your investment in samples and the more of you buy and use sustainable products eventually the samples will be free of charge like anything. But it is up to each and everyone of us to take this change seriously and shift our paradigm of investing in samples and not using manmade products that are harming the planet and take the responsibility and support the sample charges. This is temporary. As the demand grows which it will the samples will become free eventually. And we are giving you back your sample cost once you place the orders with us. So it is a win win situation.

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We are still updating our website hence a bit work in progress. But most of our products are online. Our next development is to put all of our sustainable fabric online. So stay tuned as we bring you great new fibers and textiles and an opportunity to create anything you desire with our eco fibers. We will be blogging a lot of information, facts and transparency of products, fibers and chemicals that are harming our environment and the fibers and products that are available for you to create what you need. So don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.