Update- Introducing New Sustainable Environmental Friendly Textile Product Line- Nisha Designs

Welcome to Nisha Designs.

We have been diligently working behind the scenes to partner and represent manufacturers to bring you environmental responsible sustainable textile eco friendly products. These products are made sustainably that is not harmful to the planets well being, from start to finish the process is clean and we provide full transparency to our clients in making of the products. No harmful chemicals, no synthetic manmade fibers, no recycle polyester or any manmade polyester fabrics. Our intent and goal is to live a sustainable life by using what is available to us from the surface of the earth which is how it should be.

Our manufacturers are making products solely from the surface of the planet that are beautiful, affordable, available and ready to be installed, created into anything you desire. Meets all of the industry standards and codes. Tested and certified. And our manufacturers have all the means, sources and resources to create what you need sustainably.

What is the best way to work with us?

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If you know already what product you want to make, create into sustainable textiles drop me an email or call to Nisha Desai at nisha@nishadesigns.com or call 702.622.8321

Sourcing and Custom Made

We service custom handmade carpets, organic cotton and hemp towels, hemp flooring, wallpaper, fabrics, clothing, pottery, blankets, matresses anything is possible with out sources and resources.

We service custom handmade carpets, organic cotton and hemp towels, hemp flooring, wallpaper, fabrics, clothing, table cloths, restaurant napkins, aprons, pottery, blankets, mattresses anything is possible with out sources and resources. Lets talk.

Transition your polyester into sustainable textiles. Your Regular Cotton to Organic Cotton.

You can create your own fabric line, textile product line that you have that is not currently sustainable from start to finish and want to convert them into sustainable textile. You can recreate your whole business based on sustainability. We have the means and the source. Now depending on the project there may be a development fee for research, development and certification.

We have the best manufacturers we work and partner with for making what you need that is sustainable from start to finish. Our manufacturers are all over the world. We work with domestic as well as international suppliers for our products.These Eco fibers are all sustainable, stain resistant, durable, biodegradable with a reasonable life expectancy established by the product used.

To learn more about our Eco Fibers and what you can create with it click here.

Sample Fee and Shipping cost

For some products we do charge sample fee and for some only the shipping cost. So look at our product line and lets talk.

Some product like is straight forward. Meaning you place the orders for your samples to nisha@nishadesigns.com. We have paypal, direct deposit anything you desire. Once you place the orders with us we will return the sample cost back to you at the time of your order. We appreciate your investment in samples and the more of you buy and use sustainable products eventually the samples will be free of charge like anything. But it is up to each and everyone of us to take this change seriously and shift our paradigm of investing in samples and not using manmade products that are harming the planet and take the responsibility and support the sample charges. This is temporary. As the demand grows which it will the samples will become free eventually. And we are giving you back your sample cost once you place the orders with us. So it is a win win situation.

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We are still updating our website hence a bit work in progress. But most of our products are online. Our next development is to put all of our sustainable fabric online. So stay tuned as we bring you great new fibers and textiles and an opportunity to create anything you desire with our eco fibers. We will be blogging a lot of information, facts and transparency of products, fibers and chemicals that are harming our environment and the fibers and products that are available for you to create what you need. So don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.

Waterlight- Provides Electrical power using only salt water-Nisha Designs


Born from something natural and evolves into something astonishing.

This project was born in April 2016 and consists of a specially designed electronic circuit that manages to extend the transfer of ions from a saline medium to convert them into useful and immediate energy. The electrodes of the salt bridge make it possible to drain energy from the salt water, (a known process), but with the electronic circuit with which it is possible to extract around 500 watts for each liter of water. The prototypes that we have developed are portable equipment weighing around 2 kilos. These teams can be scaled up to industrial production quickly. The Waterlight project can be scaled up vertically and horizontally in many ways.

  • As goals for the immediate future, to connect several units to a central base and in this way produce and extract greater amounts of energy.
  • A second goal is to be able to make plants on the shore of beaches to produce energy in significant quantities, continuously and for immediate use or to store in accumulators. The effluents from this process provide additional value by becoming fertilizers or drinking water, the energy of which for the desalination process comes from the same equipment.

Salt water is abundant and covers 73% of the earth’s surface. We can immediately extract 2 kilowatts from a cubic meter of salt water. We can extend this extraction for 10 continuous days, but ideally it should be a 24-hour process to change the saline medium and then reload it. In the development of small units, the Waterlight project provides an immediate solution that can directly benefit communities that lack lighting and a small electrical source; It can supply light and it can also be the electrical source where they can charge a cell phone or listen to a radio. The Waterlight for individual use also has applications in the field of recreation (camping), navigation (at all levels) and education (turning on a computer or a television). The project has a PCT Patent pending.


The design is inspired by the Colombian Wayúu community and their ancestral connection with the sea.


Assembled with 100% recyclable materials.


Strap knitted with kanas figures, millenary Wayúu handicrafts


Outdoor water resistant.

Source: https://www.waterlight.com.co/#inspire

High End Luxury Carpet Process- Merino Wool- Divine Artisan Handmade Custom Carpets with Nisha Designs




Our carpets are custom handmade. We use all natural fibers. Great quality, price, delivery and minimum to do a carpet is ONE. So if you are a designer, an architect, residential designer and want to create your line we do it, we do custom carpets for model homes, for penthouses or only for hotel suites, hotel owner or have any franchise, restaurants want to custom your carpet design we do it all and we work with all.

Please email or call us at nisha@nishadesigns.com or 702.622.8321. I look forward to working with you. Thank you, Nisha Desai.


The currently proven and certified effectiveness of the treatment is directed against the following bacteria: Klebsiella pneumoniae.

(Klebsiella pneumoniae: Can cause pneumonia (hospital infections) and other infections; are known as a multi-resistant bacterial strain).

The usage properties and flame retardancy existing for Platus also apply to the article with antibacterial finish. The minimum order quantity is 300 metres per colour. All colours of the Platus 300 colour range are available.

Lego set to replace its plastic bricks with ones made from sustainable materials by end of the decade — Life & Soul Magazine

Lego has announced it will invest $400 million over the next three years to step up efforts to produce its colourful bricks using sustainable materials instead of oil-based plastic. The investment will help Lego to reach a target of becoming carbon neutral by 2022 in terms of its production, as well as phase out single-use […]

Lego set to replace its plastic bricks with ones made from sustainable materials by end of the decade — Life & Soul Magazine

Nucleário: Biodegradable seed planter that could help advance reforestation projects in Brazil and beyond — Life & Soul Magazine

Brazilian company Nucleário has created a biodegradable seed planter – mimicing some of the features of a tropical rainforest’s own species to help saplings grow – offering a faster and more sustainable way to replant tropical rainforests. The biodegradable seed planter helps seedlings to grow by capturing, storing, and releasing water to the seedling as […]

Nucleário: Biodegradable seed planter that could help advance reforestation projects in Brazil and beyond — Life & Soul Magazine

ZeroCabin: Zero impact sustainable cabins for off-grid living in the thick of nature

Chile-based ZeroCabin has created a collection of 100% self-sustaining and off-grid cabins for those who want a retreat in nature that leaves zero impact.

Developed by a small team of scientists with no architectural training, each cabin is built by the ZeroCabin  team upon an elevated base of two-metre high wooden piles to maximise views in nature.

The timber-framed structures, which are built without using nails, use biodegradable insulation and thermally efficient glazing systems, which cut down on the use of active heating and cooling systems.

The “kit of parts” offered by ZeroCabin includes maintenance plans for photovoltaic panels, waste recycling and rainwater collection through reverse osmosis. These kits provide buyers with the tools and information to create a self-sustaining cabin with negative impact customised to function anywhere in the world.

ZeroCabin say: “The ZeroCabin is zero impact, it is a perfect symbiosis between you and nature. We build it wherever you want, we just leave a path, we don’t use a boom truck. 10% of our utility is invested in plans to preserve native forests and wildlife.”

Each cabin is oriented at a precise angle within its context for optimal exposure to the sun, making the most efficient use of solar panels for on-site generation of energy.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at Rosamedea.com

Designer Maurizio Montalti develops mycelium-based material and products as a solution to plastic problem

Italian designer Maurizio Montalti poses for a picture in front of everyday objects he created, a chair, vases and even slippers, based on mycelium, the white and film-forming part of mushrooms, at the Micropia Museum displaying the invisible world of micro-organisms in Amsterdam on May 2, 2017. What is nicer after a long day than sinking your feet into comfortable slippers? But one Italian designer is hoping to show that shoes made from mushrooms can be just as cosy. / AFP PHOTO / Sophie MIGNON

Amsterdam-based designer Maurizio Montalti – who has created pieces of furniture from a fungus-based material – is proving that mycelium can be used to replace plastic and other materials that are tough to recycle.

By combining mycelium, the “root structure of fungus”, with agricultural waste such as wheat, rapeseed and flax, Maurizio Montalti has created a new material, which he has used in the design of chairs, lampshades, waterproof vases, and slippers.

The designer – whose studio Officina Corpuscoli houses a lab where scientists work alongside designers to grow new materials from living microbes – believes that products made from mycelium-based materials are a solution to the plastic problem.

Maurizio Montalti cites his main source of inspiration as “the fascination for the micro-scale, together with a holistic vision of the world as a macro-organism animated by symbiotic relationships”.

The Italian designer and his team at the Officina Corpuscoli lab have been researching mycelium-based materials for nearly a decade.

In 2015 the studio embarked upon an industrial venture, aiming to standardise and scale-up mycelium technology and the subsequent range of naturally grown products. Alongside industrial partners, Maurizio Montalti founded technology platform and company, MOGU.

MOGU is the first company to offer commercial mycelium-based products on the market, suitable for interior design applications and as an alternative to traditional synthetic materials, such as petroleum-based plastics.

MOGU say: “Today, our relationship with the ecosystem is more than ever compromised, due to human activity and particularly to the irresponsible manufacturing processes we constantly run.

“At MOGU, we thrive to employ only residues as raw input materials, setting new value for unexploited resources through the skillful action of fungal mycelium.”

Image Credit: Sophie Mignon/AFP

Officina Corpuscoli and MOGU

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyles including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at Rosamedea.com

Slow Cabins: Off-grid cabins pop-up in secret Belgium countryside locations to help guests connect with nature

Sustainable cabins in secret locations, otherwise known as Slow Cabins, are popping up outside the city of Belgium in a bid to help people connect with nature.

Each cabin, built using eco-friendly materials with wooden interiors, is off-grid and self-sufficient through the use of solar panels, a filtered rainwater system and ecological dry-toilet. There are cabins of two kinds to suit individuals, couples and families.

The nature-based locations of the Slow Cabins are only revealed to guests after they’ve booked a cabin. Slow Cabins are mobile and frequently rotate locations, making for new sights and experiences for those looking to book a second trip.

The interiors of the Slow Cabins are natural and minimalist with its raw-look wooden floors and walls, and wooden furniture. Insulated glass windows frame views of surrounding fields and woodland, and there’s a wood-burning stove to cosy up in front of – and a small deck. The double beds consist of eco-textiles layered on a natural latex mattress, with large windows for gazing out into the surroundings.

The insulated cabins are kept toasty in the winter with wood-burning stoves, while the kitchen contains a pair of cooking plates alongside a sink, small fridge and a food preparation area. In the bathroom you’ll find a shower, wash basin and eco-friendly dry toilet. A fireplace and ceramic BBQ offer warmth and cooking options outside.

A stay also comes with a basket of locally-sourced produce and spring water.

The Slow Cabins experience is as much about making guests aware of their environmental impact. Slow Cabins say: “Each of our cabins comes equipped with a smart display that shares your energy and water use with you. By actively seeing your energy usage throughout your stay you become aware of your impact on the environment and what a positive and ecological footprint might look like.”

The Time For Two couple’s retreat costs from €175 per night, while the Time For Family cabin, which sleeps 3-5 people, costs from €185 per night.

Slow Cabins is expanding its off-the-grid concept across Europe and looking for partners.

Slow Cabins

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyles including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at Rosamedea.com

Finest Fabric Collection- Studio 10

I love this book collection. Our finest fabric collection book is here. Beautiful color combinations, textures, patterns. All of our fabrics are Inherent FR, passes NFPA701, IMO, CAL117 and high double rubs with excellent functions. The collection is a combination of our upholstery, acoustic, outdoor, indoor, drapery, furniture fabrics. It is fresh and trend forward. Our fabrics are in stock. Good delivery time. A must have collection for your library.

To get your book call or email Nisha Desai at 702.622.8321 or email to nisha@nishadesigns.com



Healthcare/ Clinical Fabrics:

The permanent bio-active functional fabrics by DELIUS offer freshness and hygienic cleanliness. Silver ions which are firmly embedded in the fibre stop the growth of bacteria both within and outside the fibre. They thus protect against infections like MRSA in hospitals. DELICARE fabrics also reduce the formation of odours caused by microbes.

Frequent washing does not reduce the function unlike with normal finishes. This is typical for DELIUS: the function is contained in the yarn and is not subsequently imposed by a finishing process; this also holds true for the flame retardancy.

DELICARE furnishing fabrics


  • are anti-microbial
  • prevents the growth of bacteria (hospital bugs, staphylococcus aureus which cause MRSA)
  • reduce odours caused by microbes
  • are conducive to a better hygienic standard in rooms
  • are suitable for industrial washing
  • have a long lasting wash resistance
  • conserve energy due to longer washing intervals and a lower washing temperature
  • are certified by the Fraunhofer Institute
  • are JIS 1902 certified
  • are Ökotex Standard 100 certified

The Door


The Door: The door symbolizes a new beginning, when one door closes other opens. A focus is brought to the sacral and heart chakras. Orange represents joy, creativity, success, encouragement, change, stimulation, sexuality, freedom, expression. And green represents renewal, nature, growth, environment, money. These custom paintings speak to you and only you. This painting tells her that she has the ability to choose and change any situation or circumstances without struggle.

For custom paintings call Nisha Desai at 702.622.8321 or email for more information to  nisha@nishadesigns.com