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A basic introduction to the types of  Floor-Coverings: Hand-knotted Rugs

These rugs are the most expensive rugs, where each knot is tied to the warps individually to form the carpets.

These type of carpets have the longest manufacturing period.

These are mainly made in wool, silk, viscose

Traditional patterns from Iran are made in hand-knotted style.

Lasts for generations.

Pricing Parameters for Hand-knotted Rugs

Knots per Square Inch(KPSI): This stands for the density of the knots. The denser the rugs , more expensive will be the weaving.

Pile Height: The length of the pile

Types of yarns used: Various blends of fibers are used to make the rugs, ranging from 100% NL Wool to Indian wool, silk, viscose, jute etc. The price is variable depending on the type of raw material used

Design: Patterns/designs are a vital aspect with regards to the pricing.

All of our rugs, carpets are custom made and our client is anyone who desires a beautiful handmade carpet in your design. We can send you our small sample set for fiber, quality, construction reference to custom design your carpets.

Please send the queries to Nisha Desai at 702.622.8321 or email at nisha@nishadesigns.com

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Our carpets are custom handmade. We use all natural fibers. Great quality, price, delivery and minimum to do a carpet is ONE. So if you are a designer, an architect, residential designer and want to create your line we do it, we do custom carpets for model homes, for penthouses or only for hotel suites, hotel owner or have any franchise, restaurants want to custom your carpet design we do it all and we work with all.

Please email or call us at nisha@nishadesigns.com or 702.622.8321. I look forward to working with you. Thank you, Nisha Desai.