Waterlight- Provides Electrical power using only salt water-Nisha Designs


Born from something natural and evolves into something astonishing.

This project was born in April 2016 and consists of a specially designed electronic circuit that manages to extend the transfer of ions from a saline medium to convert them into useful and immediate energy. The electrodes of the salt bridge make it possible to drain energy from the salt water, (a known process), but with the electronic circuit with which it is possible to extract around 500 watts for each liter of water. The prototypes that we have developed are portable equipment weighing around 2 kilos. These teams can be scaled up to industrial production quickly. The Waterlight project can be scaled up vertically and horizontally in many ways.

  • As goals for the immediate future, to connect several units to a central base and in this way produce and extract greater amounts of energy.
  • A second goal is to be able to make plants on the shore of beaches to produce energy in significant quantities, continuously and for immediate use or to store in accumulators. The effluents from this process provide additional value by becoming fertilizers or drinking water, the energy of which for the desalination process comes from the same equipment.

Salt water is abundant and covers 73% of the earth’s surface. We can immediately extract 2 kilowatts from a cubic meter of salt water. We can extend this extraction for 10 continuous days, but ideally it should be a 24-hour process to change the saline medium and then reload it. In the development of small units, the Waterlight project provides an immediate solution that can directly benefit communities that lack lighting and a small electrical source; It can supply light and it can also be the electrical source where they can charge a cell phone or listen to a radio. The Waterlight for individual use also has applications in the field of recreation (camping), navigation (at all levels) and education (turning on a computer or a television). The project has a PCT Patent pending.


The design is inspired by the Colombian Wayúu community and their ancestral connection with the sea.


Assembled with 100% recyclable materials.


Strap knitted with kanas figures, millenary Wayúu handicrafts


Outdoor water resistant.

Source: https://www.waterlight.com.co/#inspire

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