Earth Day 2022: Earth Soul Dragon- Nisha Designs

The Celtic symbol of the dragon is magical, one of transformation and eternal wisdom. The druids respected dragons as forces of nature, the guardians of mother earth and all things sacred, the protectors of nature and all living things. The dragon holds the powerful Celtic symbol of protection and power. These magical beings represented all that the universe has to offer.

Dragon soul energy was worshiped and used for the greater good. At special celebrations of the turning seasons of the year, to harvest the right crops, as a true guardian for all they held sacred.

The earth soul dragon has a symbolism of nature and all things connected to our Mother Earth. The earth soul dragon asks us to connect with nature in all of its beauty. The true wealth is not money but the beauty of our land and its magick, it’s sources and resources.

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Great Big Story’s international hunt for dragons — Life & Soul Magazine

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Great Big Story’s international hunt for dragons — Life & Soul Magazine