Decorating For Fame, Good Reputation and Recognition-WYNDESONG’S PLACE- NISHA DESIGNS

Decorating Your Space For Fame, Good Reputation, and Recognition

The area of your home that will assist you in activating your fame and good reputation which are the foundation for success is the south. There are several ways to activate the energy of fame in the south of your home. It may be done by hanging a bright light that shines upward in that area of the house. A bright light that lights the whole southern corner gives the sense of upward moving energy. If lighting is a problem for the southern corner of your house fire in that area in the form of candles or a fireplace that you use will work. If you can not use any of the above methods then try to find a picture or statue of a phoenix some substitutes for that proud bird are the peacock, a picture, sculpture, or even peacock feathers worked into a flower arrangement will work. The most auspicious colors for the southern corner are red, bright yellow, or white which may be reflected in the furnishing. The feathers of the peacock are used to symbolize attainment that is associated with being recognized. You may energize the south by taking the whole house into consideration or you may do this in your living room or your office… It is best to activate this energy in a room that is used for daytime activity.
Why is being recognized important? If you own a business of any kind then you know that recognition means more customers. If you are a student or athlete etc..recognition will help you advance in your chosen field.
Some examples of pieces that you can use in the southern corner of your home to activate your fame, good reputation, and recognition.

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