Fiber Artists- Sheila Hicks- Nisha Designs

Hicks, who has made fiber the foundation of her practice for 60 years, is one of the world’s most celebrated artists.

Sheila Hicks, Abacus Lino Rising, 2019.
Sheila Hicks, Seven Magic Rain Dances (detail), 2019.
Sheila Hicks, Sentinel of Saffron, 2018.
Sheila Hicks, Chaine et trame interchangeable, 1983-2016.

Installation view, Sheila Hicks at the Nasher Sculpture Center.

Sheila Hicks (all), Sober Streak Green, 2019; Sober Streak Violet, 2019; Sober Streak Blue, 2019.
Sheila Hicks, Multi-colored Minime, ca 1962.
Sheila Hicks, Zapallar, 1958 (left);, Cluny II, 2008.
Sheila Hicks, Prayer Rug, 1965.
Sheila Hicks, North South East West, 2017-18.
Sheila Hicks, Sunset Pavilion Inhabited, 2015.
Sheila Hicks, Sunset Pavilion Inhabited, 2015.
Sheila Hicks, May I have This Dance, 2011 (as installed at the ICA Philadelphia).


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