Message: Believe

This weeks’ energy reflection is on your own Beliefs. Its about what you believe about you, your life and the choices you make based on these believes is exactly what is going to occur in your life. You know as a psychic intuitive life coach magick reader I get people saying to me all the time that psychics will resolve my problems, just like the belief that gods and goddess are here to solve my issues that you created? And my higher mind would ask how is that working for you? What you create is still your issue to resolve not someone else’s issue. How is that thinking even possible? that does even make sense? So you are literally saying that you can do anything you want and someone else(gods and Goddess, psychics, life coaches, friends, parents, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends someone anyone other than you) need to clean up your mess that you created? really? Learn about your believes. Look at them. There is nothing to feel bad about and no you are not a bad person. If you want your finances to get better look at what you believe about finances, if you want love relationship look at what you believe about love and relationships. You have the power to change it and to choose believes that belong to your own inner truth and walk your truth not someone else’s truth. By not walking your own truth you are walking and living someone else’s lies. And knowingly or unknowingly creating a life based on someone else’s lies, believes and perception. Its time to really look at who you truly are.

This holiday season be your true self rather than pretending who you are not. And I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family be safe and blessed be.

And I will speak with you all next week. Please do leave any comment, thoughts, questions and I will get back to you.

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