“Mythical Creaturologist” Iman Joy El Shami-Mader creates an illustrated bestiary of magickal and mystical beings known to the world

Magickal and mystical beings are a vast and varied crew, and tribes around the world have preserved their awareness of these beings through stories and graphical representations over centuries.

Artist Iman Joy El Shami-Mader has called on that wisdom asking people from around the world to share their awareness of magickal and mystical beings so she can add them to her illustrated bestiary – drawing one magickal and mythical creature per day, which she then shares on Instagram.

The self-prophesed “mythical creaturologist” has drawn more than 600 mythical creatures since beginning her task in October 2017. To create her inventory of creatures, Iman Joy El Shami-Mader initially sought information from various sources including the book Phantasmagoria and others, researched online, and tried her local library in the small town of Merano in the Italian Alps.

Over the years her bestiary has expanded since requesting people from around the world send her their local beasties. Among the creatures Iman Joy El Shami-Mader has illustrated include the Rashi, a winged horse from Georgian mythology; the Eyefooters from Botswana mythology, who were a race of men that had their eyes on their big toes instead of on their heads so they could see all the things that were dangerous at grass level; elephant dragons from Nepal, otherwise known as Kishi Malaw who protected sacred temples from natural disasters; and the Aziza, a race of fairy race beings that live in forests, which according to legend from the Republic of Benin, were the first to have taught about fire and its uses.

Some of the magickal and mystical beings Iman Joy El Shami-Mader has illustrated are well-known and others not, and includes creatures that are good, bad, evil or neutral.

In an interview with Atlas Obscura, Iman Joy El Shami-Mader explained: “I am generally a history buff and I love fairytales, sagas, myths and legends. In this already pretty epic realm, these beasts feel even more magical. I find them extremely interesting for so many reasons. They can give you an incredible insight to different cultures—what people were afraid of, and what simply was inexplicable at the time and needed to be put into a physical form.”

Iman Joy El Shami-Mader encourages people from around the world to share their knowledge of local creatures with her by sending an email to: mythical.creaturologist@gmail.com. 

Mythical Creaturologist

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyles including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at Rosamedea.com

Unicorn Wisdom: What unicorns can teach us- Life & Soul Magazine

Unicorns are one of the most loved mystical and magickal beings, with both children and adults drawn to their gentle nature, youthful take on life, playfulness, potent magickal and healing abilities, and spiritual wisdom.

These beautiful and graceful beings are often depicted as horse-like beings with a magickal horn that elevates from their third-eye area, in between the eyes. Beautiful they most certainly are, but if you were to meditate or to dream of unicorns you will not be surprised to learn that they are not exclusively white, as they are often depicted.

As a race of magickal beings, unicorns are as different as every other unique being – a myriad of shades, colours, sizes and often with dominant features such as zebra-like stripes. Their energy is pure and their light is a brilliant white light, which if you look up close is infact a spectrum of all colours.

Unique beings they are and unicorns teach us to honour our individuality. No two beings are the same, and unicorns help those who struggle with this truth or try to “fit in” with others to find their way in their exploration of getting to know themself, while also showing them how they can bring their individuality in to a group setting without losing themself so to speak.

Harmony is a quality that is associated with unicorns. As natural peacekeepers, unicorns are diplomatic, serene, adaptable beings who bring a whole lot of love, joy and peace wherever they go and to whomever they come into contact with.

Dwellers of the forests, unicorns have potent healing capabilities and are naturally knowledgeable about plant life. Those with unicorn energy often find themselves working with plants as herbalists, naturopaths, gardeners, chefs or mixologists.

Those with unicorn energy are also drawn to the healing arts and coupled with their infinitely creative abilities, you will often find them in the entertainments and creative industries – music, comedy, drama and writing just some of the avenues in which they channel their healing abilities to heal the masses. They just as easily heal with the music they create, the words they write, the jokes that they tell, than they do with the herbs they use in a magickal potion to heal.

Effervescent and enlightening, unicorns are naturally charming and a delight to be around. They make play time fun for children and encourage everyone to freely explore their imagination and creativity.

For those who take themselves seriously, those with unicorn energy will no doubt get them to lighten up rather swiftly. They encourage joy, laughter and fun. For adults who need to get back in touch with their inner child, unicorns can provide assistance. They help to illuminate blocks and obstacles to accessing one’s own creative powers and potential, and to explore new opportunities in life.

With their magickal horns, unicorns are natural visionaries and see the truth in everything. Those who seek clarity would do well to seek the wisdom of a unicorn, as they cut through illusions and encourage one to see the bigger picture.

While unicorns teach one to see the beauty in all life, their ability to see through everyone and everything is exceptional and impeccable, which is another reason why they make such fantastic companions for children as they serve as both protectors and guardians.

Eternally youthful, unicorns mature but they never “age”, which is why people of all ages find them endearing and seek their wisdom. They are naturals with children and the young, who are drawn to their energy like a magnet.

Those with unicorn energy make good parents, as they are able to relate to their children throughout their various life stages as if they were the same age and without embarassing their children, even the most surly of teenagers.

Given the high frequency at which unicorns vibrate at, those with a similar frequency will be drawn to them. Those with unicorn energy tend to be popular and while their intentions are not to draw attention to themselves, their presence always attracts attention as they “light up” a space and a gathering in so many positive ways.

Unicorns are very humble beings and while they easily make friends and can be sociable, as spiritual beings they spend quality time on their own nurturing their spirituality, the source of their sustenance.

For those on a spiritual journey who are attuned to unicorns, will find their path enlightening and illuminating with much adventure, as well as opportunities for play and to have fun. They will also likely find themselves at home in the forest, where meditation is likely to come most easily within the natural habitat of unicorns.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyles including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at Rosamedea.com