Happy Fathers Day- Nisha Designs

When a kid I use to ask a lot of questions naturally but I had a tendency to ask one question repeatedly over and over again for no rhyme or reason I would just ask for the heck of asking🤷‍♀️ I now know why I did that but my father noticed this and told me this one and the only time(and whatever he ever taught me he never repeated it that was his way of raising us and I would learn it right away and never repeat it either) and this awareness lasted in me forever and I never repeated this habit ever again.

He said “I don’t mind you asking me questions, you can ask me zillion times if you don’t understand it I will explain you but ask right there and then and understand it. Do not keep asking questions for the heck of it if you plan not to understand coz it is wasting people’s time and energy. And time and energy are precious do not waste it. He is a businessman and he practices it with his employees and at home and walks his truth. Hence I have also learned to walk my truth not just say but walk it. He said learn to respect and value its presence and its gift what it has to offer you in the moment. If you don’t then you may miss out on an opportunity or an awareness or a gift that it wants you to know and have. You have to respect your own time and energy and people’s time and energy. Ask a question when you ready to know the answer. And this is how my soul/ and my twin soul/ HM’s also works. We do not waste people’s time and energy and we ask when we ready to know. And I am soo grateful to my dad for teaching me this. This learning helped me in my career, with my clients, in my relationships it shaped me to be a female of grace. And it saved my voice, taught me to use my voice wisely and from talking things that are not useful.

And this is a reminder to me again today from my higher mind/ soul/ Twin soul and his Higher Mind that we have to practice the same wisdom within in my own relationship with my soul hence we are dismantling my conscious minds created habits and patterns.

Happy Fathers Day and I will forever be a daddy’s girl💖🥰😘I cherish being like my father.

Happy Father’s Day father and to all soul fathers.