Poem: An Adage — Medeacine — Life & Soul Magazine

Read the energy as a mage, Blast the enemy, smudge with sage, Limitless possibilities, get out of the cage, Being one, we’re on the same page, Express yourself, take to the stage, Wisdom applied, that’s your wage,  Up the ante, be your own gauge,  Countless years, immortality has no age. Poem: An Adage — Medeacine

Poem: An Adage — Medeacine — Life & Soul Magazine

Happy Thanksgiving- Message- Nisha Designs- Lady Nishante Divinelove

May we know that it is divine mother’s grace and invitation that we are born on this divine feminine planet to experience her grace and bounty. May we know that we are guest on her land. May we know that this divine land will always live and thrive with you in it or not. May we know that it is in gratitude to mother earth that fulfills our purpose of living and being here on earth. And may we always give the grace of gratitude to our Divine Mother Earth Gaea for all of her sources and resources and her bounty. And may this harvest of gratitude to mother earth grace our lives with joy, happiness, nourishment and abundance and open our hearts to only serve the greater good of this planet and all of her divine creations and beings and the balance between order and chaos. And may this gratitude be the reality of our exsistence now and forever. And so it is. And so shall it be. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Blessed be.

Poem: Living Life With Heart & Soul — Medeacine — Life & Soul Magazine

Bring on the words of power,Affirm your truth and raise your vibrations,Let go of the stuff that turns life sour,Wave your hands in the air, sun salutations. Happiness is right there, within you,Can’t be found outside you, truth be told,Step back from the madness, and take a pew,Then stand your ground, no less than bold. […] […]

Poem: Living Life With Heart & Soul — Medeacine — Life & Soul Magazine