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Soul Leadership

Soul leadership to me has always been about leading by soul, being soul, souls awareness and truth. Leadership is who you are showing up moment to moment, who you are being in that moment, who you bring to that moment and who is guiding you in the moment. Who is leading your life? Is it your soul and higher mind or your human perceptions, human beliefs, belief systems, religion, cultural behaviors, choices and actions, ego driven responses, attitude, habits and patterns? What other people think of you and who you are and there perception of who you are and how you should live your life, who should control your life? Is this how you want to lead your life, how you want your leaders to make choices based there perceptions of who they are and what it should be like for them?

When I lead a non profit organization as a president, as a design director, as the owner of my own design firm, as a friend, co worker, daughter, girlfriend, sister, wife in all of my roles I was leading as Soul. Souls intuitive awareness, spirituality, magickal truth of knowing and being. That was it. I only needed my soul and everything became possible to achieve. I did not bring any association, affiliation, human family, relatives, friends society cultural religion know hows, in my choices and actions to my leadership and my life.

In my own life when I lead by heart and soul I have found magick, joy, peace, harmony, satisfaction, fulfillment, love, contentment, simplicity, spiritual awareness and knowing I am enough just by being my true self. And that is all that I have ever required to lead and be. My education knowledge comes from within me. Leaders are self taught, self aware from the inside out. My souls knowledge and know how is much more valuable than the education and knowledge degree I received from schools and colleges. That’s how important it is to manifest your own higher mind and soul to lead your life and every aspects of your life as soul divine beings. When your life is driven by soul and only soul there is adventure, there is magick, there is spirituality, imagination where everything is possible. Who wouldn’t want this? I know for the fact in my own life how grateful I am of my soul and higher mind for always protecting me and guiding me. Even when I lost my way my soul brought me back on my true path being one with her.

Our souls are leaders and we are the vessel through which our soul expresses her/his true self. That is what we need to bring on this planet by choosing leaders of countries who lead by example, who are aware of who they are on the inside. When we lead by example we are serving the greater good. And you and I being on this planet is our purpose to be the change that this planet requires, be the leader that our planet requires us to be by being our true selves. We lead by our inner truth, inner awareness of our higher mind and soul.

Design studio creates bento-style food containers from sustainable materials to rethink takeaway packaging — Life & Soul Magazine

A sustainable option for restaurant takeaway containers that is reusable and plastic foam-free has been conceptualised by design studio PriestmanGoode, as part of Wallpaper* magazine’s Re-Made project. The London-based studio has designed a range of bento-style food containers and a bag for takeaway deliveries based on circular design principles. The new concept features a bento-style stacking […]

Design studio creates bento-style food containers from sustainable materials to rethink takeaway packaging — Life & Soul Magazine

Mjøstårnet: World’s tallest timber building symbolises “green shift” to carbon-absorbing sustainable design — Life & Soul Magazine

Brumunddal in forest-rich Norway is a rural town with a major forestry and wood processing industry, which now boasts the world’s tallest timber building – the 85.4m high Mjøstårnet (The Mjøsa Tower). The 18-storey mixed-use building, which overlooks Lake Mjøsa in Brumunddal, contains apartments, the Wood Hotel, swimming pool, office space, and a restaurant. Opened […]

Mjøstårnet: World’s tallest timber building symbolises “green shift” to carbon-absorbing sustainable design — Life & Soul Magazine

Mushrooms: New exhibition delves into the use of mushrooms as upcycled agro-waste to sustainable shoes and more

Mushrooms like most things that come from Mother Nature are incredibly versatile – they can be eaten, they can bring on hallucinations, they can be used as a material in the design of furniture and clothes, and they can even eat through plastic.

Now the humble mushroom is the subject of a new exhibition, Mushrooms: The Art, Design and Future of Fungi, whichcelebrates the rich legacy and potential of the remarkable organism, the ideas it inspires in the poetic, spiritual and psychedelic, and how it is inspiring new thinking around design and architecture.

The exhibition, which is currently on at London’s Somerset House until 26 April, features the works of over 40 artists, designers and musicians who take a look at fungi’s colourful cultural legacy, exploring sustainability and our relationship with the planet.

Mushrooms is split into three themes – Mycophilia, Magic Mushrooms, and Fungi Futures – and includes sculpture, hand-cut collage, painting, drawing, photography and film, and bio-based materials.

Among the works on display is a specially commissioned mycelium-based chair from British designer, Tom Dixon; a solar-powered mushroom suitcase from conceptual artist, Carsten Höller; a decomposable mushroom burial suit by Jae Rhim Lee designed to reduce the damaging environmental impact of the funeral industry; and a sustainable shoe design using mycellium by Belgian shoe designer Kristel Peters.

There will be a number of events to coincide with the exhibition including TABLE, a mushroom-inspired pop-up dining experience from chef and Spring restaurant founder Skye Gyngell.

Mushrooms: The Art, Design and Future of Fungi is currently on at London’s Somerset House until 26 April 2020

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