Twin Flame/ Twin Soul Relationship Stories- True Love- Nishante Divinelove- Nisha Designs

I have a client who is gay from India and has a twin soul relationship. She knew who she was but because of Indian culture, religion beliefs and beliefs systems she chose to not accept her true self, who she was on the inside and chose what her parents, family, friends, relatives wanted her to…

Twin Flame/ Twin Soul Relationship Stories- Nishante Divinelove — Nishante DIVINELOVE

TONO- Red Sky Performance- Ritual Drama Dance- Nisha Designs

This new outstanding dance creation by Red Sky, a Toronto based contemporary dance and theater company, brings together the Indigenous cultures of Canada, Mongolia and China and is heavily grounded in the theme of horse culture. Sandra Laronde, artistic director of Red Sky, explains the creative process behind Tono, an innovative three-country project involving eleven dancers and musicians.

Dance has always played a vital role in Aboriginal cultures. It is a connection to the spirit, to the land, and a deep expression to our gratitude. In the Indigenous worldview, the horse is revered and respected. When one thinks about the horse at war, at play or as a helper of humankind, we realize the horse has made a considerable contribution to civilizations around the world.

Importance of dance to Indigenous peoples: Why We Dance:




Celebrated performer, choreographer and artist Santee Smith interprets traditional Iroquois legends through contemporary dance in a cinematic restaging of her 2004 award-winning debut production KAHA:WI : THE CYCLE OF LIFE. In this touching documentary, a gorgeous and transformative performance is translated effortlessly to the screen, telling us of sacred portals between the Sky World, the Earth World and the Under World. KAHA:WI is a performance film that perpetuates Iroquoian cultural knowledge, traditional esthetics and expression in a contemporary form. KAHA:WI opens with an awakening of the spirit, or unseen life force, that manifests into human form. This establishes the spiritual presence that permeates throughout KAHA:WI. A thanksgiving prayer is given to all the living beings in the natural world. Iroquois people call themselves Onkwehon:we… Real People, meaning real physically. That is a distinction from spirit people. There is a concept of duality between this dimension and that dimension. We live in a world where things are real, but the universe has other dimensions. The unseen is beyond our comprehension, yet we need to communicate with the unseen, some people call that spirit. The human spirit possesses an umbilical connection to the spirit world.

KAHA:WI is a performance film that perpetuates Iroquoian cultural knowledge, traditional esthetics and expression in a contemporary form.


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