TONO- Red Sky Performance- Ritual Drama Dance- Nisha Designs

This new outstanding dance creation by Red Sky, a Toronto based contemporary dance and theater company, brings together the Indigenous cultures of Canada, Mongolia and China and is heavily grounded in the theme of horse culture. Sandra Laronde, artistic director of Red Sky, explains the creative process behind Tono, an innovative three-country project involving eleven dancers and musicians.

Dance has always played a vital role in Aboriginal cultures. It is a connection to the spirit, to the land, and a deep expression to our gratitude. In the Indigenous worldview, the horse is revered and respected. When one thinks about the horse at war, at play or as a helper of humankind, we realize the horse has made a considerable contribution to civilizations around the world.

Importance of dance to Indigenous peoples: Why We Dance:


Welcome to her Majesty’s Magickal Kingdom- Unicorn Mandala- Rosalind Medea-Nisha Designs

This project was for Rosalind Medea – thank you for this beautiful opportunity Rosalind.

Welcome to her Majesty’s Magickal Kingdom- Unicorn Mandala Art: Gold and black beauty she is. A warrior, grace, honor and style. They are fierce and poise. Powerful and Majestic. Unicorns symbolize magic, mystery, romance, positivity and much more.

Our client wanted a depiction of a unicorn for use to accompany creative projects such as  storytelling. The client was interested in bringing elements of Mayan design and colors. 

When I was about to bring this unicorn to life, to color her, she made herself clear to me that she does not have rainbow tails and hair and stomped her feet as I was listening. She explained that her color is black and gold. Just as we like to be represented by an artist exactly as we are, so do they. Our Animals, Mythical beings must be respected as they are always.

Rosalind Medea: