Vaishali Shadangule- Handloom to Couture- Paris Week- Titled ‘Shwas’ meaning ‘Breath’- Nisha Designs

Vaishali s paris fw
Vaishali S paris fw

“The brand has always held a couture sensibility, focusing on elements like circularity, ingrained with a deeper social impact that combines traditional handwork techniques with modern, innovative methods. So entering the higher, more elevated world of haute couture seems only natural for Shadangule. Widely popular for her signature technique of manipulating textiles into cords, her design language sees the use of hand-weaving techniques on indigenous looms to shape her silhouettes into new and interesting forms. “Couture was always going to be the landing pad for my journey in design. It is where I can express freely—sometimes even with exaggeration,” says Shadangule.”- VOGUE

“Her spring/summer 2021 collection that was shot in Italy, saw ropes of khunn and Chanderi imitating branches that covered the silhouettes of deconstructed saris. For her couture foray, the designer feels a sense of freedom and excitement working with her emblematic use of nature on a blend of fabrics including khadi. Expect textured weaves on complex silhouettes as the end result. “I have had a very clear path for the last twenty years; it is a journey I am on—and of which you will see the clear advancement, maybe in a clearer way this time—which is what haute couture allows.”- VOGUE

vaishali s paris fw
Vaishali Shadangule

Welcome to her Majesty’s Magickal Kingdom- Unicorn Mandala- Rosalind Medea-Nisha Designs

This project was for Rosalind Medea – thank you for this beautiful opportunity Rosalind.

Welcome to her Majesty’s Magickal Kingdom- Unicorn Mandala Art: Gold and black beauty she is. A warrior, grace, honor and style. They are fierce and poise. Powerful and Majestic. Unicorns symbolize magic, mystery, romance, positivity and much more.

Our client wanted a depiction of a unicorn for use to accompany creative projects such as  storytelling. The client was interested in bringing elements of Mayan design and colors. 

When I was about to bring this unicorn to life, to color her, she made herself clear to me that she does not have rainbow tails and hair and stomped her feet as I was listening. She explained that her color is black and gold. Just as we like to be represented by an artist exactly as we are, so do they. Our Animals, Mythical beings must be respected as they are always.

Rosalind Medea:

Visual artist David Alabo teams up with streetwear label Daily Paper to create “Afro-surrealist” inspired Tarot Card Capsule Collection — Life & Soul Magazine

Ghanaian-Moroccan visual artist David Alabo – who is known for his “Afro-surrealism” artworks – has created a series of T-shirts adorning tarot card designs, which is part of streetwear label Daily Paper’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection. The Tarot Card Capsule Collection from the Amsterdam-based Daily Paper features David Alabo’s interpretation of The Magician, The High Priestess, […]

Visual artist David Alabo teams up with streetwear label Daily Paper to create “Afro-surrealist” inspired Tarot Card Capsule Collection — Life & Soul Magazine

Shovava creating nature and wildlife-inspired fashion with elegant and majestic Wings Scarves- Life & Soul Magazine

If you have a strong resonance for birds and the air elemental, Shovava’s handpainted and digitally printed scarves will certainly give you wings.

The Australia-based label is the creation of designer Roza Kamitova. Inspired by the incredible beauty of nature, the artist’s observations are meticulous and detailed as reflected in her bright, intricate and graceful depictions of various birds and their feathers in Shovava’s Wings Scarves range.

Roza Kamitova says: “I observe nature and find inspiration in the smallest details. Maybe it’s a butterfly’s wing or the patterned cell structure of a leaf. Maybe it’s a feather or a raven perched on a tree limb. I take in what I see in the natural world and then create my pieces.

“My ideas are born of long solitary walks in the jungle, through bristling fields or along almost pin-drop quiet stretches of sand. I have many kinds of birds visiting me everyday. My scarves are created using age-old artists’ techniques of craftsmanship and painting combined with the marvels of the latest technology.

“Shovava’s trademark winged scarfs reflect that soaring imagination and embody a sense of individuality, power, freedom, and adventure.”

Made from natural materials including silk and cotton, Shovava ensure that their materials are ethically sourced and use recycled materials, where possible. While Roza Kamitova creates the designs in her Byron Bay studio, a team in India print the scarves using digital textile printers.

Shovava was born in 2011 out of the desire to create “unique and thoughtful pieces of wearable art” for women who had “grown tired of the assembly line ‘cookie cutter’ designs” that are prolific in the fashion world. Having spent eight years working in the fashion industry in New York, the nature-inspired designer Roza Kamitova began selling handmade and hand painted tops made from recycled men’s tees on the streets of New York, before her move to Byron Bay began her journey with Shovava.

In addition to the Wings Scarves, Shovava also sells a range of swimwear, mens and womens t-shirts, skirts, leggings and dresses in nature prints via their online store.

Images Credit: Shovava


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Autumn and Breeze- Nisha Desai

Witches and Cats. Fiddles and Rhymes. Trains and Whistles. Trees and Roads. Colors and Leaves. Hammock and Pumpkins. Breathtaking and Riveting. Season and Collection. My life My Style😘🍁

Picture Credits: Nomadicdestiny, Tourcanada, octoberleavess, zoltangaborphotography, earthfocus